2013 Photography Postcard Front Cropped
Dennis Novak, Split Umbrella, Archival Inkjet print, 19" x 13"  

Reception: Friday, October 18th   6-9 pm

Kyohei Abe, Juror


For decades the Scarab Club has hosted an annual photography exhibition showcasing the unthemed work of local and regional photographers. This year the exhibition includes the work of:


Kelly Lynn Ardito  |  Jerry Basierbe  | Robert Beras  |  Steve Boni  |  David Clements  

Sanda Cook  |  John Donabedian  |  Matt Fields  |  Bruce Giffin  |  Kristin Godfrey  

Laura Gruenberg  |  Lawrence C. Hamilton  |  Jana Hartmann  |  Dave Jordano

Andrew Jukes & Chris Kozelenko  |  Jon Kopaz  |  Susan Lawless  |  Brett J. Lawrence

Kathleen McNamee  |  Janice Milhem  |  Tim Mulheron  |  Jerome Newood  |  Dennis Novak

Jon Pickell  |  Jennifer Rock-Mitchick  |  J. Gordon Rodwan  |  Khari Shiver  |  Donita Simpson

Eric Smith  |  Edward Stanulis  |  Robert Swanson  |  Marietta VanBuhler  |  Idalia Vasquez



Through Saturday, October 12th


Bruce Giffin and Stephen Magsig


Don't miss the opportunity to view the last week of an excellent exhibition of work by Bruce Giffin and Stephen Magsig, titled "NIGHT & DAY: Portraits of Detroit". Giffin and Magsig have spent decades creating works representing Detroit and its environs. They have walked the same streets and recorded their impressions using different media, but with a clearly shared respect for the subject of their work.





Stephen Magsig


My paintings and prints capture scenes of daily life and reflect a distinctly Detroit landscape where industry, urban and nature collide. They is a visual record of the quiet beauty in the everyday scene. Portraits of forgotten and neglected spaces. Places that exist in silence, unrevered and waiting to be discovered. Scenes of a vanishing industry, urban ruins, sunlit houses, storefronts, Belle Isle Park and the urban prairie.


I work in oils on linen canvas and linen panels in the simple and direct Alla Prima method. Although my work is representational, I am more interested in the "story" of the scene and the "plasticity"of the paint than in creating an exact representation of the subject.


My prints are done in the traditional printmaking methods of drypoint, etching, mezzotint, monotype and linocut.


My urban landscape paintings and prints are portraits of how we as a society have affected and continue to alter the environment around us.



Bruce Giffin


I'm pretty sure I'm not the best "street" photographer who has ever lived. I give that one and only honor to the late Vivian Maier. Google her name if you don't believe me.  I try to make up for my shortcomings with passion, hard work, and relentless curiosity.


I have no agenda when I drive with my dog Henry into the city to satisfy my photographic cravings. I don't shoot things to make them look good; I don't shoot things to make them look bad. I simply shoot what I see.


I hope I've done that concept justice.

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