September 9, 2016 

Hello all,
If you haven't already contacted your Regional Director about your Local's intention to REcertify, please do so as soon as possible! The deadline for filing a recertification petition with the state is Thursday, September 15th. The petition must be IN THE WERC office on the 15th - not postmarked by that deadline date. The WEAC Region 3 office will make sure your petition is delivered on time - - but you must let us know whether you intend to recertify or not. Contact us by MONDAY, September 12th!  Questions? Call us at 800-472-5582.


Kathy Rohde
Regional Director

Public Schools & Privatization - 
What's at Stake?   

Tuesday, September 13, 7 PM 
Appleton Public Library, Room ABC 
225 North Oneida Street, Appleton

This event is free and open to the public. Dr. Julie Mead is a professor at the Department of Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis, School of Education at UW-Madison. Her talk is intended for  parents, educators, students, business professionals, and community members. The presentation will be from 7 to 8pm, with questions and discussion to follow.

Supporting Education from Pre-K through University

Monday, September 26, 7 PM 
Webster-Stanley Middle School Auditorium 
915 Hazel Street, Oshkosh

See Flyer For More Details 

Instruction & Professional Development
PDP Goal Approval OR Verification 

Do you have your goals written and need them approved? Is your 5-year plan completed and in need of verification by a team of reviewers? We'll put together your in-person PDP reviewer team. Our partnership with GBEA makes these dates and services available and FREE to all WR3 and GBEA members, and at a cost for non-members.    

Who Should

 What to Bring? 

Non-Member Cost  
Individual 20-30 minute appointments only. Scheduled 3 weeks prior to the date, between
8:30 AM-1:00 PM
Saturday, Dec. 3rd @ WEAC Region 3

Saturday, Dec. 17th @ GBEA

Saturday, May 6 @
WEAC Region 3

Saturday, May 20th @ GBEA

Initial and Professional Educators with complete goals or plans and in need of a PDP team for reviewing.

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Goal Approval $150
Verification $200

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PDP Writing Workshop 

Learn or review how to write your PDP goal, objectives, plan activities, and plan assessments.  Discuss the overlaps between PDP & EE. Receive assistance with utilizing the QEI software to store and submit your PDP. Time will be given to work individually.

Who Should

 What to Bring? 

Non-Member Cost  
Saturday, Dec. 3rd @ WEAC Region 3


Saturday, May 6 @
WEAC Region 3


Initial and Professional Educators looking for help, feedback or review in writing their plan for goal approval or finishing up their 5-year plan in preparation for verification. 

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National Boards:  Jump Start Program

Jump  Start is a two day comprehensive seminar designed to provide National Board candidates with important information about the certification process, time to examine Component and Assessment Center requirements, the opportunity to plan how to meet requirements, and time to collaborate, gather resources and gain information needed to pursue certification.  You must be a registered National Board candidate to participate.

Saturday, September 24th and Saturday, October 8th
8 AM - 3 PM with an hour lunch 
 GBEA, 2256 Main St. Green Bay
Free to members. Non-member fee - $350 


Citizen Responsibility Information

Monday, October 24th
through Friday, November 4th

Vote at your municipality during regular business hours.
Go to to find your municipal clerk or polling place, update your name or address, register to vote, and get information on absentee (early) voting. Here's a flyer for detailed information you can share with others.

Political Action
This is an 11.0101(10)(b)(1) communication with WEAC members


Become Informed About the Issue of Charter Schools!

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League of Women Voters - Making Democracy Work

You are invited!

Fall Dinner Meeting
Thursday, September 29, 2016
Holiday Inn, Green Bay Stadium
2785 Ramada Way, Green Bay  
Dr. Julie Underwood, the former Dean of the UW-Madison School of Education, is a nationally recognized authority on school law and a staunch proponent of public education.  She is a well-known speaker and writer on current public education issues on both the state and national levels.

If interested, mail a $25 check payable to LWVGGB to Julie Arneth, 2279 Mt. Olive Dr., Suamico, WI 54313 before Saturday, September 24.  Reservation necessary. 

PAC Rebate
For those of you who are dues-paying members, but do not wish to contribute a small portion of those dues to the political action efforts of our union, this notice (required by Federal Law) is for you:
A PAC contribution of $5.00  has been added to your WEAC Region 3 dues for 2016-2017.
The Region 3 Board of Directors utilizes these funds to make contributions to:  
  1. The political campaigns of candidates for local or state office who have been recommended by our members for election because they are friends of education; AND
  2. Committees that advocate for passage of school referenda.
Any member wishing a rebate of the contribution must request such in writing by November 1, 2016. Each request must be a separate letter including your name, address and local association name. All requests must be postmarked by November 1, 2016. A request is valid only for the year of that request. Rebates are normally issued by February or March.
For a refund of your WEAC Region 3 PAC contribution, write to: WEAC Region 3 PAC, 1136 North Military Avenue, Green Bay, WI 54303. Telephone requests, multiple requests in the same letter, letters postmarked after November 1, email requests, and letters missing any of the required information (name, address and local association) will not be honored. They will be discarded.

WI Department of Employee Trust Funds
Know Your Benefits:  WRS Employee Benefits Seminar in Green Bay

Whether you are just beginning your career under the Wisconsin Retirement System or close to retirement, attend the ETF-hosted presentation on WRS employee benefits. They'll thoroughly review benefit basics, the Core and Variable Trust Funds and things to know and do to maximize your benefits as you move through your career. Those within five years or so of retirement will appreciate hearing about WRS annuity options, return-to-work rules, post-retirement annuity adjustments and much more.

WRS Employee Benefits Seminar
Wednesday, September 14
6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
Room C190ABC
GB SC 132 Lecture Hall
2740 West Mason St., Green Bay
No registration needed. All sites are handicap accessible .
In the News
Schedule It!
Click HERE to see our Region 3 Calendar. It includes WEAC and Region 3 governance meetings, Professional Development events, and many other workshops, meetings, and events sponsored by our office.

Here's the other stuff:   
  • WEA Member Benefits Financial Planner, Thursdays, October 20, November 17 and December 15 from 9-5 at the Region 3 office. To make an appointment contact:  Brenda Echeverria 1-800-279-4030, ext. 3300. 
  • Where the Wild Things Walk, September 10 @ Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary.  Register Here
  • Every Member an Organizer Training, September 13 @ Menasha & 15 @ Region 3
  • Public Schools & Privatization, September 13, @ Appleton Public Library
  • Register: IMS, Financial & Membership Training for Local & Regional Union Leaders, Tuesday, September 13 from 6 PM - 7:30 PM
  • WFV Travel Committee Meeting, September 14. 9:30 AM @ Mary's North, Appleton
  • The Future of Public Education, September 26.  7 PM @ Webster-Stanley Middle School Auditorium, Oshkosh
  • League of Women Voters Fall Dinner Meeting, September 29,  @ Holiday Inn, Green Bay
  • Register: IMS, Financial & Membership Training for Local & Regional Union Leaders, Thursday, September 29 from 6 PM - 7:30 PM
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