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March 2013

Oatmeal Cake  

News from Jan D'Atri!


I don't even know where to start because I have just so much to share with you!

Arizona Midday The most exciting is that there will be a special edition of Arizona Midday this Wednesday, March 27th featuring all my favorite recipes from the show.  Tune in to NBC Channel 12 between 1pm and 2pm for the "Best of Jan's Recipes"! Among other favorites, I'll be featuring the very popular Braised Pot Roast in Cola which we received SO MANY emails about. It's so delicious and easy to make.  Also, tune in for other favorites like Amy and Rick's Cookie Pop Truffles,  Mexican Enchilada Bake, yummy wraps, salads, cooking tips and lots more!

The Blind Pig If you listen to my radio show, you'll know that one of my favorites is Uncle Sal's Italian Restaurant & Bar and I often have a chef or two on the show talking about their food offerings.  They just opened a butcher shop, cafe and bar called
Jimmy Molinari
Jimmy Molinari from Uncle Sals
"The Blind Pig", named after Prohibition-era speakeasy establishments. The authentic butcher shoppe offers mouth-watering selections of house-aged Prime steaks, the freshest chicken, pork, lamb and premium fresh fish and seafood, as well as more exotic offerings including veal and wild boar.  The Blind Pig Cafe serves a tasty menu! The lunch and dinner menu includes a variety of upscale Mexican-style dishes including Wild Mushroom Quesadillas, Shrimp and Corn Tamales and Adobo Braised Short Rib to name a few.  Go check it out at 3370 N Hayden Rd Scottsdale, AZ 85251 or visit their website at http://blindpigaz.com/.

Chef TessWe've also seen a lot of Chef Tess in the studio in the past weeks. She brings such a great energy to the show and listeners have loved her recipes. Check out her website here. She made a fabulous steel cut oat risotto and Momma LOVED it! She also put a wonderful spin on the cola pot roast and added her own little Chef Tess twist to the accompaniment!  Take a look! We love you Chef Tess!

There must be something in the water!  We have received so many messages in the past few months from readers, listeners and viewers - some complimentary, and some that make me cry!  Others are confused about a recipe and some are helping us fine tune a recipe or two.  I want to take a minute to thank you for your kind words. I decided to let you see some of them in this newsletter.  Keep them coming - even though we don't have the time or staff to reply to every one of them, we appreciate them!

Happy Spring!

Thank you! 

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Recent Recipes! 

 Oatmeal Cake with Broiled Icing
I didn't expect it at all, but this Oatmeal Cake with Broiled Icing and my updated healthier version of the cake have made it on my luscious list of favorite desserts. I've always been intrigued with "broiled icing". I see it periodically in my older cookbooks and this Oatmeal Cake recipe gave me an excuse to give it a try. It was in a cookbook sent to me by Washington State resident Laura Canterbury called, Great Tailgates; A Cookbook, compiled by the United States Naval Academy Class of '58.... Read more...

Green Bean Casserole with Crispy Shallots
It's green and fantastically delicious. A perfect St. Patty's Day or any day side dish!  This tasty and unique Green Bean Casserole with Crispy Shallots comes from the Estrella Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution Cookbook, Flavors of Home and Country.  (DAR is a non-profit, volunteer women's service organization for direct descendants of soldiers or others who aided in the cause of independence, and is dedicated to promoting patriotism, preserving American history, and securing America's future through better education for children.)... Read more...

 Braised Pot Roast in Cola
Slow cooking a roast in beef broth and... cola? Let's just say cola is not the ingredient that immediately comes to mind when preparing a pot roast for dinner. Still I was intrigued with the idea since I had heard about how delicious it can be. Digging through my piles of "church cookbooks" I started listing all the pot roast recipes using cola and guess what? All recipes pointed to Emeril Lagasse's version of Cola Braised Pot Roast in one variation or another!... Read More...

Chicken Fricassee with Orzo Pasta

Chicken Fricassee with Orzo Pasta I'm always curious to know what inspires someone to create a family heirloom cookbook. Then, what ultimately motivates him or her to complete the long, tedious process?

For Scottsdale Interior Designer Loralee De Santo, the inspiration was a family wedding. The motivation for getting it done was a trade out of services.... Read More... 


Crock-Pot Carrot Cake

Hang on to your spatulas! I'm about to change the way you bake cake forever. No more worrying about whether or not the coffee cake is overdone. Fear no more about burned bottom brownies. Say goodbye to the "cake-is-done-when-toothpick-inserted-in-the-middle-comes-up-clean" method of cake testing. I have a nifty new way for you to bake an unbelievably delicious cake!... Read More... 


Plenty more where these came from! Check out my recipes on the website here

On the Radio with Chef Tess 
We've had some fun times in the studio with Chef Tess - we cooked with avocado oil, steel cut oats and enjoyed St. Patty's Day!

Chef Tess
Fun in the studio

Cooking with Steel Cut Oats
Cooking with Steel Cut Oats

Avocado Oil Show
Avocado Oil Show

Chef Tess Bakeresse and I
Chef Tess Bakeresse and I

Johnny's Friendship Bread with Chef Tess  

Friendship Bread

When Chef Tess was on my radio show in January there was time to chat between live sessions and we got talking about sourdough starters and Amish Friendship bread.   So I decided to give her a jar of my Johnny's Friendship bread starter and this was the result.  Take a look!
Experiments with Popcorn 
I hosted Miss Science, and Kin Brush from My Popcorn Kitchen on National Popcorn Day and had a lot of fun experimenting with popcorn on the radio.
Kin Brush, Momma & Miss. Science
Kin and I
Kin and I

Miss Science, Me and Kin
Miss Science, Me and Kin

Face Plate 

It's a recurring request we get:
Can you give me tips on getting my kids to eat healthier, snack on good stuff... or how do I just get them to eat at all?

Well, I'd like to offer up this suggestion. Maybe let the kids play with their food!

And I have just the tool to help! It's a dinner plate that doubles as play time...

And before you know it, your kids may be gobbling up all sorts of foods that you could never get them to eat before!

Check these out:


Your children would probably eat one or two of these....but if they had a fun plate to create funny faces, it might be a whole different story!

I found this plate on line at www.Fredandfriends.com and on Amazon.com.

Food Face Dinner Plate for Kids
Food Face Dinner Plate for Kids

Alliance Defending Freedom 

I am excited to be a part of the upcoming ADF event (click flyer to enlarge and for more details) on April 26, 2013. Check it out!

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Blender Bread Pudding
Blender Bread Pudding

The Incredible Edible Egg! A Picture Perfect Breakfast with Jan D'Atri
The Incredible Edible Egg! A Picture Perfect Breakfast with Jan D'Atri

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Pet of the Month

You know I love my fur babies and I have something exciting to share with you about my love for animals in the next newsletter.  For now, here's a picture of one of my rescue buddies!

Frankee the Tortoise
Frankee the Tortoise

Arizona Midday
Special Recipes

Tune in on Wednesday to Channel 12's Arizona Midday between 1 and 2pm for a special featuring some of my favorite recipes.
Cola Pot Roast
Cola Pot Roast
Amy and Rick's Cookie Pop Truffles
Amy and Rick's Cookie Pop Truffles
Eggs Mexican Casserole
Eggs Mexican Casserole

Chef Jimmy Molinari from
Uncle Sals Cooked with Us! 

Why we Love Our Readers!

We have received some great emails I had to share with you over the last few weeks!

"I just made your recipe for Braised Pot Roast in Cola.  My husband loved it!  He ate 3 helpings & said he "can't wait" till tomorrow to have a hot open faced roast beef sandwich with the leftover meat & gravy.
Thanks for the great recipe"


"I just have to tell you!  ...I had a meeting  group here at my house--about 35 ladies.  I served the Cookie Truffles and they had a fit over them!  They asked me to make copies of the recipe for them.  They also wanted our corresponding secretary to send out an e-mail including the recipe.  One lady was so proud because she had met you!  She raved about how sweet you and Mama are!  You were truly the "hit of the day"!  Most of them read your column and those that haven't will begin to!

Thanks again for providing me an opportunity to wow my friends!

Jan S


"It was a dark and stormy night.

We weren't "feeling ill," but we did want to try your healing Winter Veggie and Chicken Soup recipe from this morning's Arizona Republic.  Since we don't shop on Sundays, we ventured out after supper to buy those missing ingredients: turnips, parsnips, leeks and kale.  

First stop, in a heavy rain, was Food City, where we found the parsnips and turnips. Then, still in the rain, on to Fry's for the leeks and kale.  We lucked out on the kale but not the leeks.  Next came Sprouts, famed for its fresh veggies -- in the rain.  But the bin was empty!  Winco was close by, so we said, "Why not!"  Pulling into their rain swept parking lot we hustled into the store -- and finally claimed our last item!  The weather even celebrated with us:  it cleared as we left the store.

Jan, we are soooo looking forward to trying your delicious soup!"

Paul and Alice P.
Phoenix AZ


"I baked Sharman Hickman's egg bake this morning.  Oh my gosh!  It's soooooooo yummy!  I alter recipes all the time, so I cut the amount of jalapeno rings to about 1/2 cup, and used 1% milk.  My mom is a vegetarian, so the next time I make the egg bake for a family gathering, I'll use the baco bits instead of the real bacon bits.
I enjoy your column in the newspaper each week and have tried several of your recipes."



"Good afternoon!  I hope you are having a great weekend.   Just wanted to say that the recipe in today's paper, "oatmeal cake with broiled icing", is one I copied from my mother's file before I was married in 1969.   She had made this cake for years and we know it as "lazy daisy oatmeal cake".   Exactly the same one!   Really fun to see it published today."



"I just made your Chocolate Brownie Cake from the Saturday Feb 16,2013
paper. It is fabulous. My family only eats chocolate cake and this has
become their favorite. "

Joan C.


"I have been meaning to send you a note just to say thank you... Thank you for your delicious recipes and your vibrant energy that comes through every thing I see you connected in.. You have the opportunity of getting to share what you love and it is FELT... Your light shines so bright and we wish you the best.. Your work is heart felt and that is truly what sets you apart from so many..."

Karen G.R.


"We loved the Pot Roast. ... I used a 2 lb. pot roast...Automatically, I thought I needed to cut the liquid in half as well. Wrong !!! Next time, I will make the full recipe for the gravy.

My husband loved it...We share a monthly "simple supper" meal with various golfing buddies of my husband and a wife and your pot roast recipe will top the menu next week.

Thanks for sharing a super new recipe. I'm really excited about adding this recipe to my short list of "suppers for friends". "Suppers for Friends" is a lot different than "Company Dinners". We just have one other couple and try to find recipes that will be simple and not chew up most of a day trying to impress a group. We love this idea because everyone is more interested in enjoying a friendship than tending an oven."

Carol K.


"The roast is outstanding!  There is that special taste that we've not had before in a pot roast!  Thank  you for introducing us to something new!

I always look forward to your Saturday column but now even more so!"

Jan S.

The Rescued Recipe Process

I am often asked about my process and how my recipes are written.  We get so many emails and messages that it's sometimes difficult to reply to them all, so I put together a little message to give you some insight on how I choose which recipes I feature.  Read it here.  Hope it helps!  Enjoy!
Catch Jan


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