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Recovery Fund Established to
Help Intervale Farmers!

flood tractor

Source: Burlington Free Press

On Monday, Intervale farmers raced against the clock - and the rapidly rising Winooski River - to save their crops. On the heels of another devastating flood earlier this spring, Intervale farmers buckled down, took care of their farms, and kept their humor and spirits going while they watched the inevitable destruction of much of their hard work.

crops stacked from flood

Produce awaits dry cooler space in the Food Hub Barn. 


Farmers, volunteers and Intervale Center staff scrambled to salvage as many crops as possible before the Winooski River crested. Produce harvested from farms was brought to the Intervale Center while we readied the basement cooler in the Food Hub Barn.


Everyone worked together to get the harvested crops into  cold storage as quickly as possible.


We received this email from Diggers Mirth Collective Farm: " Wow, what a great community we live in! A huge thank you to all the people that came down to the Intervale today and helped harvest! You saved so much food from going to waste. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

working together to move product during flood

Working together to move over 10,000 pounds of fresh  

produce into cold storage.

 We have never seen a flood like this -- water rushing in from both directions -- from the river and the wetlands. It felt quite dramatic. We really appreciate everyone's help."







gathering after the flood

City Market and American Flatbread Burlington Hearth donated food and drink to keep farmers' energy and spirits up.




Despite the devastation and sadness brought on by the flood, the experience of working together with farmers, friends and the greater community left us feeling thankful, humbled, inspired and energized.


Thanks to everyone that came out to help this week. Most of all, thanks to all of the farmers for the endless work they put into growing our food and sustaining our community. 


How You Can Help


We have been overwhelmed by requests from the community to help, and so we have set up a fund to support Intervale farmers through this tough time.


The fund will be used by farmers to compensate for crop losses and equipment damage. To make a tax-deductible donation, please donate online at After you choose the amount you'd like to give, you can designate your contribution to the "Intervale Center Farmers Recovery Fund." Or, mail your donation to Intervale Center, 180 Intervale Road, Burlington, VT 05401. Please make your check payable to "Intervale Center Farmers Recovery Fund."


We will keep you posted on efforts to support Intervale farmers and their progress in recovering from Hurrican Irene. Thanks to all the wonderful emails, phone calls, Facebook and Twitter posts, and people just showing up to do what they can... and remember, one of the most important things you can do to help right now is to buy food from your local farmers!


Intervale Farms

Adam's Berry Farm 

Arethusa Farm 

Bella Farm 

City Chicks

Diggers Mirth

Franklin Hayburn's Beehives

Half Pint Farm 

Intervale Community Farm 

Open Heart Farm 

Pitchfork Farm 


StrayCat Flower Farm 



Thanks again for all of your support!


If you have any questions or would like more details, please contact Joyce Cellars at, 802-660-0440 x101 


For 23 years, the Intervale Center has been dedicated to preserving agricultural resources in Vermont. We help farmers bring their products to market, build and sustain their businesses, and maintain Vermont's working landscape; we promote land use that protects Vermont's water quality; we sustain Burlington's treasured Intervale; and we share our innovative work and knowledge with communities around the world. Our work has helped to build a community food system that honors producers, values good food, and enhances the quality  

of life.


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