July 1st - 15th
July is here already! At Second Star the SUMMER FUN in the sun still going strong!
For the 4th of July, we’ll have Patriotic Storytime where we’ll be wearing red, white, and blue!
We will close early at noon that day!

On First Friday, the 7th, we will have Laura, previously from Tea for Ewe, now with
Hickeys Cottage Teas, bringing delicious tea cocktails!
Also, Jesse, the art teacher at Cesar Chavez Elementary will be showing his and his daughter’s art.
Kelly and Drew will be here singing as well!

We have an amazing middle grade author, Lauren Allbright, visiting on Friday the 14th at 4:30 to share her book EXIT STRATEGY about a boy who tries to discover the formula for being funny and getting his new classmates to like him.

We have lots of great themed storytimes this month and our first Baby Rave on Saturday the 15th at 4:00! We had an amazing turnout for Drag Queen Storytime, and will be bringing that back, no date yet, but stay tuned!

We urge you to TAKE ADVANTAGE of the writing and illustrating classes we’re offering. Melanie Crowder is a best selling, award winning author of middle grade and young adult novels and Stan Yan is a talented cartoonist in addition to illustrating and writing a picture book of his own.
We are honored to have them both.

Second Star is proud to host a handful of fun, engaging and uniquely themed enrichment classes for all age groups this summer. Register for these workshops HERE!

Please call our store 303-455-1527 or
contact Kayla at kayla2ndstarbooks@gmail.com for more information.
Register soon!

with best selling author Melanie Crowder

Melanie will provide amazing guidance as you explore the craft of poetry together!

$210.00 for the WHOLE session plus autographed book!

Ages 13 - 18 years old

6:00pm - 7:30pm

July 31st - August 4th

      Featured Professional Illustrator - Stan Yan
Ages 8 - 12 years old
July 31st - August 4th
9:00am - 12:00pm

Ages 12 - 18 years old
August 7th - August 11th
9:00am - 12:00pm
Cost of the WHOLE  5 day course for each of the camps is
$235.00 + $10.00 materials fee (includes autographed book)
Play Group
From 3pm - 5pm 
Every Tuesday and Thursday
Bring your little ones to our Rumpus Room for a chance to relax and let the kids play! This is a great time to meet and catch up with your friends and neighbors while the kids have fun. Some of our favorite toys will be out for the little ones and coffee and tea for parents and caregivers. As always, these weekly Play Groups are FREE and open to all!

Summer Birthday Party and Event Reservation availability!

If you are interested, you can contact our Events and Community Coordinator at:


Early Bird Storytime

From 9:30am - 10:00am

Every Wednesday  

For early risers and early nappers, our Early Bird Storytime is in addition to our regular every day. This is the perfect chance to enjoy Storytime without worrying about messing up your schedule!

Regular Storytime is at 10:30am. We can’t wait to see you there!

If you see a book here that you love, you can now order directly from our website by clicking on the book cover!! We’re so excited to be able to offer this option to you -- and there’s FREE shipping!
Thank you in advance for supporting us!!
Board Books
Picture Books
Middle Grades
Young Adult
Little Excavator Storytime
SATURDAY, JULY 1st at 10:30am
Come celebrate the new book, Little Excavator by Anna Dewdney, author of the Llama Llama series! In addition to exploring this new book, we will read some of our other favorite construction and outdoorsy books. The first 7 kiddos to arrive will get a special prize!
Bo’s Lego Tinker Time
SUNDAY, JULY 2nd, 1-2 pm
Join us as we begin Bo’s Lego Tinker Time from 1-2 pm in our Rumpus Room. Explore different ways to build, tinker, and be creative with Legos. At the end of the event, we will share our unique creations with each other. This event is FREE and happens twice a month! We’ll supply the legos! 
Peek-a-Boo Who Storytime
MONDAY, JULY 3rd at 10:30am
Local author Joan Arent will be reading her board book "Peek-A-Boo Who" and bringing along some fun activities and crafts! This will be a fun way to start your week off on the right foot. Don't miss this fun, interactive event!
Independence Day

Patriotic Storytime

TUESDAY, JULY 4th at 10:30am

Wear your red, white, and blue!


Hickey's Twilight Tea
WEDNESDAY, JULY 5th  at  6:30pm
Fee: $5.00 to cover the cost of teas
Stop by Second Star to the Right for our monthy Twilight Tea! Sponsored and hosted by Hickey’s Teas, join Laura Hickey for a relaxing evening just for mamas. The event will both start and end with a meditation poem. We will have two to three prepared teas for sampling, plus learn all about the health benefits of each kind of tea. Participants are encouraged to bring a friend and any hand-crafts that they’d like to work on during the event (i.e., knitting, cross-stitching, journaling, etc). Individual tea packets will also be available for sale.
Please RSVP or send any questions about the event to  info@secondstartotherightbooks.com
Niki Knaub Local Author Event
SATURDAY, JULY 8th at 10:30am
Niki Knaub will be sharing her new book, Ela Cat at the Beach, and will be bringing along some fun crafts and activities! Can't wait to see you there!
Lil’ Kickers Storytime
MONDAY, JULY 10th at 10:30am
Lil’ Kickers joins us every month with fun sports stories, soccer skills, and lots of laughs - don’t miss this active storytime with our favorite soccer players!
Kelly and Drew Lullaby Storytime
TUESDAY, JULY 11th from 6-7 pm
Our favorite musical couple will be singing some amazing lullabies and reading bedtime books at the store for this special nighttime event. Bring your pajamas, a blanket, and your singing voice, to get all ready for bed!

Baby Storytime - Pets
FRIDAY, JULY 14th at 10:30 am
Pets are a very important part of life for many of us, and we are exploring this theme during our weekly Baby Storytime! Dogs, cats, birds, you name it! Baby Storytime works to engage the little ones, as well as a fun time for parents and caregivers to enjoy some quality time with their kiddos.
Exit Strategy Author Visit
FRIDAY, JULY 14th from 4:30-5:30 pm
Touring author Lauren Allbright will be coming to Second Star to share her new book, Exit Strategy - a middle reader novel that follows the hilarious Ross Stevens and his attempts to fit in and be “cool.” Lauren will be reading different passages from the book, answering your burning questions, and signing books!
Baby Rave

Saturday, July 15th from 4:00pm-5:30 pm

Tickets are $12 per family

Join Second Star for our first Baby Rave! Dance with your baby and/or toddlers to  upbeat silly music  in our backyard space  (disco ball and glow sticks included!) . We will have parachute games, inflatable balls, a neon toddler craft and a confetti pop! Light refreshments and adult beverages will be served, too. This will be a unique event you won’t want to miss! 
Check our full events calendar and stay tuned for the next newsletter to get more details about the other events we have going on this month at Second Star.  Or visit our  Website  or  Facebook  for more information! 
If there is a book you or your child would like to share with others, come fill out a review slip or send a few sentences to our email and it may be featured in the newsletter!

Pottymouth and Stoopid

by James Patterson

This was a great middle grade novel for boys 9 and up. Focusing on the topic of bullying, this is a bit serious, but also has some humor in it. I love how the two main characters, Pottymouth and Stoopid, can be relatable to many other kids facing the same issues they faced. While the title may be a little questionable, it is just the nicknames of the two main characters who were bullied. In the book, kids will learn that they are not the only ones being bullied. They will understand that there are other people out there and they are not alone.

By: Seth Taylor, age 12

Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales:

Treaties, Trenches, Mud, and Blood: A World War I Tale

This installment of the Hazardous Tales series takes on World War I. As in all the other books in this series, author/illustrator Nathan Hale (no relation to the famous revolutionary war-era spy) has meticulously researched his subject and gives a wealth of information and facts all while keeping the reader entertained and engaged. Treaties, Trenches, Mud, and Blood sets up the world of 1914 and shows, using the countries as animal characters, how the complicated web of treaties led to a war that was fought using modern weapons and out-dated tactics. The result in the early 20th century was tragedy, but the result of these amazing graphic novels for us is true history in a most enlightening form.

By: Marc 

Fiona’s Corner
(Fio is Buffy’s 13 year old voracious reader)

The Lines We Cross
by  Randa Abdel-Fattah
The Lines We Cross is an amazing story set in Australia. The story switches between two point of views, Michael and Mina. Michael's parents are leaders of an anti-refugee organization which Michael participates in, until he meets Mina, who is a refugee, and they both have to figure out where they stand. I love this book's strong philosophy and lovely ending. Overall, this is a must read book for anyone trying to figure out their political opinions.
PARENTS! Support your local Tennyson businesses, and have some FUN!
Click HERE to purchase tickets to the Berkeley Beer & Spirits Mini Fest on
Saturday, July 8th, at Local 46.
All proceeds go back into the Tennyson Business association and back into your community! 
A look at some of the things we offer every day at the book store!
We have storytime at 10:30am EVERY DAY! This is for all ages. In the colder months, it is out back in our newly renovated RUMPUS ROOM!

We take GENTLY LOVED books for store credit!

We do PRIVATE STORYTIMES. We have visited many different venues including hospitals, preschools, and mamas groups. We can read to kids and sell books there as well! Just give
Maddie a call or email her  at: 
Groups can always reserve special times at the store as well!

We have a YA and 3rd-6th GRADE ADVISORY BOARD. Let us know if you would like to participate! These groups help us choose books for the store by reading copies of books before they’re published and providing feedback.

We have WISH LISTS! Have your child come in to fill one out. They’re handy all year, not just holiday time!

FAMILY PLAY TIME every Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm - 5pm.  Bring your little ones to our Rumpus Room for a chance to relax and let the kids play! This is a great time to catch up with your
friends and neighbors and let the kids have fun. We will provide self-paced activities and toy demos for the little ones, and coffee and tea for parents and caregivers.

Want a book that you don’t see on the shelf? We can  ORDER IT FOR YOU! This usually takes just a few days to get in, even if it’s an adult book. Just let us know! There is no extra cost.

We accept needed items as well as cash for our local BIENVENIDOS FOOD BANK. $1 buys $9 worth of food! For a list of most needed items please visit HERE.

We collect children and adult items for A PRECIOUS CHILD . This organization helps kids living in poverty, and adults getting back on their feet. See a list of current needs HERE.

We provide FREE GIFT WRAPPING all year long.

If you visit Dr. Tim, Dr. Kelsey, or Dr. Naomi at TENNYSON PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY, bring your toothbrush and get $1.00 off any new book! Your picture also gets added to our photo album on Facebook for you to see.

Enjoy tea, coffee, or cocoa as you read!
A look at some fun and unique things we do at Second Star. Click on the item to get more details about some of the things we offer!
( Our Birthday Parties and Special Events packages have recently been updated!)

We thank you for your continued support-it means the world to us! Remember that Neverland is Second Star to the Right and straight on ‘till morning. We can’t wait to see you again at Second Star!

Love, Dea, Marc, and the Second Star Staff

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