July 2015
Issue 21
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Independent red, white and blues from Polychem
We all celebrated Independence day on July 4th, but Polychem has a fine selection of red, white and blues all year round. Here are some of the new, exciting colors and effects worth celebrating:


* Oxblood red PLSF 62049PT

* RAL 3031 mini texture PLRF 62100PB

* Lane W PLSF62236PB

* Red effect metallic - PLMF62225PB



* Eggshell Ivory PRSM 82702PB

* Yoke white PLSF82448PT 6X

* Snowbound PLSF82589PB SW7004

* Federal standard 27925 - PRSL82715PT 



* Blue Jay metallic - PLMS21961PB

* Blue metallic PLMF95428PB 020414

* Blue vein PLRS92140PT

* Manitou Blue PRSS 21946PT


For sample panels or more information call Lauren at 940.612.0401 or email lbayer@ifscoatings.com
Let's head Outside with Polychem
Easy to apply exterior use powders in the Polychem Outdoor Collection

As the temperatures rise and we all head outside, the Polychem Outdoor Collection is the perfect choice to add warm, natural tones to exterior pieces, while ensuring they have exterior protection. The Outdoor collection has been used on everything from awnings to patio furniture and everything in between. This popular range offers 14 shades and interesting special effects all designed to offer improved exterior durability. Easy to apply and all single coat products, the Outdoor Collection provides you with the perfect choice to offer to your customers who want to coat something for exterior use.


For more information or an Outdoor Collection color ring, please call Lauren at 940.612.0401

Color capabilities
If your customer needs a specific color, don't worry, we've got it. Polychem will create your custom colors in 5-7 days from receipt of a color standard.

Alternatively if you're simply asked to "coat it black" or "powder coat it bright pink" or even "what bronze shades do you have?" we got that covered too.


The Polychem color card showcases hundreds of colors and we'll make them and ship them in 3 - 5 days. Make sure you have your own copy of the Polychem card to show to your customers.


For more information contact your local representative or call Lauren at 940.612.0401

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Great gates with Polychem


Iron Legacy, with the help of ePowderCoating in Mesquite, Texas, create some "one-of-a-kind" entry ways using Polychem powders. Cosmopolitan Vein, PLRS 92472PB was used to protect and accentuate this stylish, abstract stainless steel gate and bring it to life. Rhonda McCartney at ePowderCoating commented "we powder coat all kinds of different things, but the gates that Jeremy at Iron Legacy designed were truly a masterpiece once we applied the Cosmopolitan Vein color. We're very proud of that project."

Choose Polychem.

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