Tonight, We're Featuring Jumbo Bronzino Fillets! Fresh from Spain, Check Out Whole DoverSole and Turbot. Take Advantage of Our Great Deal on Wild Striped Bass, Just $7.99/lb! Our Oysters of the Evening are Honey Cup Oysters.
February 17th- FEATURED ITEM
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Jumbo Bronzino Fillets
Imported from Greece
Cut from 1000 g + Fish

Tonight's Price: $9.95/lb

Local Pollock
Caught Off Gloucester, MA
Skin Off Fillets

Tonight's Price: $4.99/lb
10/20 Sea Scallops
Great for Sauteing or Frying
By the Gallon

Tonight's Price: $9.95/lb

Fresh Dover Sole
Imported from Spain
Whole 20-25 Oz Fish

Tonight's Price:  $10.99/lb
Fresh Meagre
Imported from Greece

Whole Fish: $9.99/lb
Skin On Fillets: $14.99/lb

Spanish Mackerel
Caught Off Florida
Fresh Fillets

Tonight's Price: $5.99/lb
Fresh Turbot
Imported from Spain
Whole 3-4 lb Fish

Tonight's Price: $9.99/lb
Wild Striped Bass
Sorry, No NJ Sales
Whole 8 lb + Fish

Scaled & Gutted: $7.99/lb
Fresh Escolar
"Walu" Loins
Wild Caught

Tonight's Price: $7.95/lb
Canterbury Cure 
Smoked Salmon
3-4 lb Sides, Always Fresh

Tonight's Price: $16.95/lb
Boneless Shad
Caught Off Georgia
Boneless Fillets

Tonight's Price: $12.95/lb
Fresh Sardines
Wild Caught
From the Mediterranean

Tonight's Price: $8.99/lb
Fresh Cuttelfish
Wild Sepia
From the Mediterranean

Tonight's Price: $8.99/lb
Bali Barramundi
Meaty with a Clean Flavor
Skin On, PBO Fillets

Tonight's Price: $9.95/lb
Skate Cheeks
Tonight's Price: $10.95/lb

Chilean Sea Bass Cheeks
Tonight's Price: $15.75/lb
American Red Snapper
Caught Off Florida
Whole 2-4 lb Fish

Tonight's Price: $6.99/lb
Wild Isles Salmon
EU Certified Organic
Skin On, PBO Fillets

Tonight's Price: $10.95/lb
Orange Roughy
Imported from New Zealand

Tonight's Price: $11.75/lb
Rainbow Trout
Butterfly Cut
Clean, Fresh Flavor

Tonight's Price: $7.95/lb
Mahi Mahi Trim
Fresh, House Cut
Great for Tacos!

Tonight's Price: $3.49/lb
Hand Held Fish Scaler
For Professional Scaling
Easy to Use

Tonight's Price: $13.99/each
New Oyster!
Honey Cup Oysters
From Maryland

Tonight's Price: $0.58/each
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Japanese Cucumbers
Crisp with Bright Flavor

Tonight's Price: $4.99/lb
Dried Plums
Imported from Spain
11 lb Case

Tonight's Price:  $19.99/case
Hedgehog Mushrooms
"Winter Chanterelles"
3 lb Unit

Tonight's Price: $17.99/lb
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Baby Shiitake Mushrooms
Earthy, Umami Flavor
Great for Asian Cuisine

Tonight's Price:  $9.49/lb
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