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June 2015    
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Lost and Found

Our Lost and Found bin currently has the following items in it.  Please let us know if anything here belongs to you.  If we don't find the owner by June 30th, we will find the items a new home.

Thank you!
Nutrition Appointments Compliment
Feeding Therapy

Ashley Bade Cronin RD, LDN, CSP, Metrowest Nutrition (   


Ashley is now available at Barrett in Northborough on Fridays.To set up an appointment with her, please contact her directly at or by calling 617-332-2282.

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Otis Street Bridge Work

There is news that the work to repair the Otis Street bridge will begin soon and be completed by the end of the summer.


We know this repair completion will be happy news for many of our clients who have had to alter their route to get to us over this past year. 


For more information, please click here


Barrett Fall Schedule

Now that we have our summer schedule rolling, it is time to start thinking about the fall!


Here is how the fall scheduling looks:


7/13-7/25    Collect schedule info from parents
7/27-8/8      Create the schedule
8/10            Begin confirming schedule with clients
8/31            Fall schedule starts 

10 Fun Food Activities
by Annie Alexopoulos, M.S., C.C.C.
Director of Speech and Language Department


10 fun food activities that will
get your child interacting with the food
you already have in your cabinet

  1.  Make a dry pasta picture
  2.  Play in a bucket of dry cereal
    (you can use small cars, dump trucks, or even toy bugs)
  3.  Go digging in yogurt (find small toys in yogurt)
  4.  Make sculptures out of oatmeal
  5.  Build with pretzels and peanut butter (or hummus)
  6.  Make Cheerio necklaces with string
  7. Wash vegetables
  8. Use carrots as drum sticks
  9.  Play basketball with dry beans and a plastic cup
  10. Finger paint with your favorite purée
Barrett's Sensory Book Series:
Join Sam's adventure with Ms. Phyllis as they play their way into the discovery that one of Sam's favorite foods actually starts out red and grows on trees!

Applesauce Grows on Trees
Available on

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