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The RefWorks team is pleased to share with you the latest features and functionality releases for April. These improvements are in the following categories: Admin Tools, API, Support and Writing Tools.
April Release Highlights
Admin Tools:
  • Usage Analytics - This new report provides RefWorks Administrators with their institutional usage stats for page views and visits/session. These reports can be displayed in either a Daily and Monthly view.      
Explanation of terms:
    • Pageview: A pageview is an instance of a page being loaded (or reloaded) in a browser. Pageviews equals the total number of pages viewed. 
    • Session: A session is the period of time a user is active on the site, as a sequence of page views in a user visit to RefWorks.
  • DOI integration - With the addition of the "lightning bolt in DOI" users can autocomplete the reference using the Summon database information for a more precise reference for journals
  • Support & Knowledge: In late March, RefWorks was added to the Ex Libris Support Portal and Customer Knowledge Center, bringing together documentation, training, product materials, and knowledge articles all in one location.
Writing Tools:
  • RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM): Based on user feedback, improvements are being made to the RefWorks interface to make the process of loading citations more intuitive, in addition to fixes to the process of loading citations. (Release due 4/10) 
  • Document Compatibility for WNC and RCM (windows only): Improvements were made for users upgrading from legacy RefWorks to new RefWorks regarding citation formatting. With a new two-click process users will no longer have to reformat citations after moving to new RefWorks. (Release due 4/10) 
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