The Latest RefWorks Updates!

Dear Colleague,

The RefWorks team has been busy making improvements to features and functionality in RefWorks over the last two months. We are pleased to share with you these updates in the following categories: Performance, Writing Tools, Admin Tools and Systematic Review.

RefWorks Release Highlights
  • Save to RefWorks ---   Login issues with Save to RefWorks have been resolved.
  • PDF progress bar ---     Indicates the status of PDF's as they are being uploaded into your folders.
Writing Tools:
  • Improve installation diagnostics ---      With Write-N-Cite, we now provide a one click submission to our technical support of all the important information to improve our installation diagnostics.
  • Synching review ---      Allows users to synch 5000 references in Write-N-Cite faster.
Admin Tools:
  • Bulk Action: Deactivate ---     For admins, there is now the capability of selecting "all" or a selection of users and deactivate them in masse. Admins will also be able to hide deactivated accounts from their administrative view of users.
  • Password Reset Workflow ---     Resetting passwords are the #1 reason why people contact our support team. In RefWorks you can now request to reset your password by either entering your email address or user name (if you have more than one account).  
Systematic Review:
  • Tab Delimited Export ---     Users now can export their references in Tab Delimited format, also known as TSV format. This allows those working on systematic reviews to review their references offline and in Excel.
  • Systematic review updates ---     Allows users to view, organize, and manage thousands of citations collaboratively.
The next release will take place in early April.

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