FEB 14th - MAY 15th 2016
Refer-a-Friend encourages you to refer your family and friends to the SACCO and if they sign up you get rewarded. Refer a friend to the SACCO and make $50!

Referral Marketing

Study after study has proven that referral marketing is one of the best forms of marketing when it comes to growth and conversions and as we seek to grow our SACCO through this very creative and rewarding referral promotion.  This is a word-of-mouth promotion which is a powerful marketing growth channel that people trust and respect.
Did you Know? 65% of NEW Business comes from REFERRALS.
It's simple - Refer-a-friend to the Sacco and if they sign up you get $50.

Refer-a-Friend and CASH IN...

How does this benefit your friend or family?
  1. An opportunity to accumulate savings for future needs.
  2. Access to affordable and easily accessible loans for development and investments goals.
  3. Competitive returns on Mavuno flexible investment savings scheme.
  4. Credible and easy opportunity to purchase well priced properties in Kenya.
  5. Joining like-minded Kenyans who want to grow and build their wealth together by taking advantage of the law of numbers.
What's in it for YOU?
KES 5,000 per each successful referral or $50...Can't beat that!
    How to participate? 
  1. Simply tell your friend or family member to go to the Sacco Online Membership Application Form and sign up as a new member. 
  2. The new member must quote your membership number under the reference field on the online member application form. (You can call or email the Sacco office to get your membership # just in case you don't have it. See the contacts below.)
  3. Your referral commission of KES 5,000 or approximately $50 will become due immediately the new member makes the following payments. Registration fees KES 10,000, Minimum 5 Shares KES 5,000 and initial Main Savings contribution of KES 10,000.
  4. There are 2 ways you can receive your commission; you can choose:
    • that we automatically credit your Sacco Main Savings Account. 
    • to get a check sent to you directly. 
  5. Refer more friends and make more money or simply watch your account grow.
    Who is Eligible to participate?
  1. Current existing members.
  2. The new members are also eligible after their membership is confirmed on payment of initial contributions.
Refer-a-Friend & make some $$ on the side too...
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