Referendum Recap


Three months ago when PFAS was created and the co-ed bathroom law referendum filed, it was not clear what would happen next.  


Would Californians stand up to defend the privacy and safety of public school children?  


Would they push aside their busy lives to collect signatures, raise money, and spread the word?  


Would they understand the possibility but also the difficulty of asserting "the peoples' veto"?


Or would they be bullied by those that were promoting a narrow agenda that ignored the discomfort and intrusion that would be caused by their move to sexually integrate bathrooms and locker rooms?


90 days later we knew the answer.  While the media largely ignored the issue, average citizens did not.  


On the final day before petitions were due, PFAS staff were humbled by a wheelchair bound mother that was collecting signatures in front of a Solano County grocery store.  And they admired the dedication of volunteers that drove their signatures nearly three hours to get them into our offices before the deadline.


Many volunteers set up tables in front of stores, working everyday to collect signatures. Others were waiting on the sidewalks of schools as parents dropped their children off, informing the parents of AB 1266 and gathering signatures.


We are still amazed that one church alone, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, spread out so far that they were ultimately responsible for collecting 46,000 signatures. The pastor and his wife walked their neighborhood and collected signatures at Target.


By the final days before the qualification deadline, the PFAS offices were operating around the clock to process petitions and get them ready for delivery to each county.  You can only imagine how many dedicated volunteers were necessary to assure timely delivery to each of the 58 offices.


Early on in this referendum effort, PFAS noted that there is no lobby, generous foundation or wealthy corporation that exists for the sole purpose of protecting the privacy of our children.  That task is left to each of us.  


Thank you for doing your part.


We will keep you informed as we wait through the process of each county validating signatures.



Karen England

Privacy For All Students

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Boy Allowed in Girls' School Bathroom: Victims Respond

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