Inaugural Black History Month Challenge
Participate in M. H. West & Co., Inc.'s Inaugural Black History Month Challenge to help celebrate Black History Month! We have designed several cards with images of distinguished African-Americans.

Men's Card 2013
Women's Card 2013
Men's Card 2014
Women's Card 2014

We have also posted these cards on our Facebook Page and website (

View the cards and then either message us via Facebook or email us at with your answers. When submitting your answers: please note whether they are for the men's or women's card, the year on the card and corresponding number to the person you are identifying.

For Example: Women's Card, 2013, #3 Person's Name

Everybody who sends us their answers will be entered into a drawing for a free M2Arm print, signed by the artist, Marilyn West.

The answers and the winner of the drawing will be announced on both our website and Facebook Page on Monday, March 3rd.
Students swipe IDs on buses at Chicago area school
A Chicago-area high school is using a new program that lets parents track when their students board and exit school buses.

The Daily Herald reports that Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire is one of the first schools in the nation to use the MyFirstPass system. Students scan an identification car before and after they ride the bus. Parents can track the students using cellphones, tablets or computers.


School spokesman Jim Conrey says the program gives parents "the option to have certainty that their student was picked up or dropped off."


The school started using the system Jan. 31. Officials say about three dozen students registered the first weekend.


About 1,700 of Stevenson's 3,700 students ride the bus daily.


Schools in California and Ohio also use the software.  >> READ MORE 

Florida education commissioner proposes plan to simplify school grading system
For months, parents, principals and policymakers have lodged the same complaint: Florida's school grading system has become so complex, it is virtually meaningless.

On Tuesday, state Education Commissioner Pam Stewart unveiled her plans to simplify it.

Her proposal, up for consideration by the state Board of Education on Feb. 18, removes the triggers that automatically cause a school grade to drop. Among them: a rule requiring schools be docked one letter grade if less than 25 percent of students are reading on grade level. >>READ MORE 
The Philadelphia Singers' Program mentors six high school students to perform Faure's Requiem with the Philadelphia Orchestra

During its 2013/2014 season The Philadelphia Singers is continuing one of its most innovative and rewarding outreach programs - the Mentor Program, sponsored by PECO. The program, launched in 2004, pairs gifted high school singers with professional singers and soloists from The Philadelphia Singers Chorale, directed by David Hayes. The students are mentored alongside the professional singers as they attend rehearsals and prepare to perform with The Philadelphia Singers Chorale in conjunction with the Philadelphia Orchestra in its three performances of Faure's Requiem on March 13 at 8 p.m., March 14 at 2 p.m., and March 15 at 8 p.m.


"This is an invaluable, once-in-a-lifetime experience for a select group of young vocalists," says David Hayes, music director for The Philadelphia Singers. "The Mentor Program gives talented high school singers free access to rehearsals and performances with a professional chorus and a professional orchestra."


"PECO puts it energy into programs that have a meaningful impact on arts and education throughout the Greater Philadelphia area," said Ramona Riscoe Benson, PECO manager of Corporate Relations. "We hope that, through our support of the Mentor Program, we can continue to encourage these talented young artists and heighten the visibility of Philadelphia Singers, providing more opportunities for students and professional singers to collaborate in their musical pursuits."  >> READ MORE 

Education agencies commit $3 million to build early college high schools
The Texas Education Agency, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the Texas Workforce commission committed $1 million each to build specialized, career-focused early college high schools in the state.

This announcement was made at the 2014 Educate Texas Leadership Forum where the commissioners from each agency spoke to group of more than 200 education, business and philanthropy leaders from across the state. They also announced their plans to meet with business and education leaders across the state to hear directly from them what is needed to better prepare students for the careers of the future
Technical education students tackle real-life problems
In Steve Grosso's spacious, well-equipped computer lab at South Philadelphia High School, students in a Computer Repair and Networking class are learning how to diagnose and repair every aspect of a desktop PC's hardware and operating systems.

A few floors below, their classmates in John Evans' engineering class are using computer-assisted design programs and trigonometry calculations to come up with a plan for reconfiguring the stormwater drainage system at Southern, a real-life application of their academic work. A 3D printer is the latest industrial tool at their disposal, to help them raise their design skills to a new level.  >> READ MORE
M. H. West & Co., Inc.'s Young Entrepreneur Program has won the Norfolk Education Foundation's Collaborative Award. The award was presented at their 7th Annual Together In Education Awards Gala & Silent Auction.

Accepting on behalf M. H. West & Co., Inc. was Brennan E. West.

See Brennan's remarks...

Mr. Clanton, distinguished guests and public officials, Dr. King, award finalists and other friends and supporters, M. H. West & Co., Inc. (WEST) is very appreciative of this recognition and award by the Norfolk Education Foundation. My name is Brennan West and I served as coordinator for WEST of the Young Entrepreneur Program at PB Young Elementary School.

I would like to emphasize first on behalf of WEST that the work of the Foundation and its supporters has been and continues to be an asset for the Norfolk Public School System and M. H. West & Co., Inc. applauds these efforts. Working in the education arenas throughout the country for more than two decades, providing technical assistance and strategies and solutions to improve graduation rates and equipping students with skills they need to succeed following graduation was instrumental in M. H. West & Co., Inc. 's creation of the Young Entrepreneur Program. The major goal of the program is to help students to stay on a pathway of academic success and a vision for future careers.

The program takes key business concepts and uses these to boost student academics. The program focuses on introducing and reinforcing skills for decision-making, critical thinking, communication, planning, math, reading, time management and teamwork.

Rolling out the program at PB Young and working with its very capable leader, Dr. Alana Balthazar has been nothing less than a WOW experience. The students' learning was boosted by their interaction with business leaders inside and outside the classroom through site visits and classroom presentations.

Dr. Balthazar indicates that she is especially pleased with the math, science and reading aspects of the entrepreneur program. Students learned successfully about business concepts over an 8 week period and then used these to roll out handily three businesses lemons and lemonade products, face painting and photography. The students also learned about the importance of businesses giving back to the community and are preparing to give a check to the American Cancer Society.

WEST's Chair & CEO, Marilyn West like Dr. Balthazar believes that bringing more innovation though non-traditional and enrichment programs such as the entrepreneur program to education strategies has a long-lasting return academically for youth.

Thank you again on behalf of the entire M. H. West & Co., Inc. team and the PB Young Family and advisors.

If you are interested in learning more about the Young Entrepreneurs Club for your school or organization, please contact Marilyn West at 804.782.1938 or
Build your school's spirit with a large, custom display banner. Call M. H. West & Co., Inc. for pricing and size options. (804.782.1938)
Karen Kip Kite Kept Kevin Karl Kite's Kites

Thomas Turkle Tugged Today The Two Turtle Toy Trains.  

Chandler Cook Cooked Cajun Crispy Chicken

Sharon Salmon Shared Sharon Snow's Snow Shirt
'Meatless Mondays' in Schools Could Help Combat Obesity Epidemic
Philadelphia's children and teens are facing ever-rising rates of obesity, and the school lunch program could be part of the problem. That's why the Humane League, a nonprofit animal advocacy organization, is encouraging the School District to implement Meatless Monday.

By providing meatless meals to children just one day a week, the District could not only reduce its students' risk of developing obesity and other chronic diseases, but also improve environmental sustainability. >>READ MORE 

National Mentoring Month Initiative
President Barack Obama proclaimed January 2014 national mentoring month to celebrate everyone that teaches, inspires and guides young adults.

"It's an important initiative; I think our president and all our politicians both locally, at the state level and nationally understands the importance of good mentors and understand the importance of giving back to the community and investing in the lives of our kids who are our most valuable assets," expressed Mekos Denson, C.P.O., Executive Director of Boys & Girls Club Atlantic City. >>READ MORE  
A group of Victoria L. Sickles third-graders took hands-on learning to the next level by building their own Lego brick amusement park, according to a press release issued by the district.

The Bricks 4 Kidz project marks the program's first appearance at the Fair Haven school. Bricks 4 Kidz is a program designed to teach children the principles of engineering and architecture using Lego bricks.


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