The Global Search for Education: Learning for a New World
A new OECD report, Schooling Redesigned: Towards Innovative Learning Systems, shows how to take schools, classroom, teachers, and students out of their default state of seclusion and into the expanding network of global and diverse learning systems. In the Forward of the new report, Andreas Schleicher argues that it is this modern form of interwoven learning that is the site for contemporary innovation in education. And yet, as of now, innovative learning environments remain the exception to the rule.

This report could change that. By pointing to the strategies that work, it paves the way for educators to bring their schools into the 21st century. This means educators with diverse interdisciplinary practices that can intelligently acknowledge multiple levels and platforms for educational development.  >>READ MORE 
To grow new generation of girl scientists, some schools go single sex
High school senior Geraldine Agredo fell in love with computer science in a surprising setting: her ninth-grade Spanish class. There, she learned to code in order to build games that teach simple Spanish lessons.

Coding "was a logical way of thinking" that she could apply to constructing essays and other schoolwork, she says. She's now planning to major in computer science in college.

There's much talk these days of a gender gap in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). One way educators are tackling that gender gap is by creating all-girls public STEM schools. Geraldine attends The Young Women's Leadership School of Astoria (TYWLS, or "twills," as they call it) - part of a network of five such schools in New York City that is often looked to as a model for public girls' schools around the country.   >>READ MORE
Youth employment summit
Sixty young people were intensively trained and connected to job opportunities last Sat., Nov 7 at the Childs Park YMCA. The Youth Employment Summit was a full day of workshops that taught valuable skills such as resume writing, the importance of job punctuality and appropriate attire for interviews.

Deborah Figgs-Sanders, executive director of Childs Park YMCA, and Gypsy Gallardo, publisher of Power Broker magazine had only days to organize the event. They contacted local businesses and community leaders to help with the charge of eradicating youth unemployment.

"When we were blessed with the funds from Bon Secours Health Systems, we were like, 'Ok, we need to pull this together and we did in seven days,'" said Figgs-Sanders.

They started to get the word out three days prior to the event. Fliers were sent to youth mentor organizations and Facebook rounded out the campaign.    >>READ MORE 
A North Decatur Elementary School teacher is using a creative teaching method to help kids learn about life. 
The teacher is bringing kids and foster puppies together. 
Linda Smith is not a newcomer to the classroom. Her 40 years of experience shines through a unique learning project that takes 4-week-old puppies and turns them into tools for learning. 
The puppies not only serve as easy listeners for Smith's 1st and 2nd grade readers, they are also the faces of their "Puppy Project."
Together, the class is publishing a book on fostering puppies. From authors to artists to accountants, every student has a special job for the project.   >>READ MORE 
EA Sports Offers Madden NFL Game to Teach Science, Math  
EA SPORTS™, the NFL Players Association (NFLPA), and Discovery Education have come together in the creation of an educational initiative that offers students in grades 5-9 the ability to learn science and math content while playing an interactive digital learning game.

The initiative, EA SPORTS Madden NFL: Football by the Numbers, is a first-of-its-kind effort to get children in grades 5-9 interested in science and math while they play an interactive video game.  Also included is a virtual field trip to EA's Tiburon development studio, where kids will meet the people responsible for the creation of the Madden NFL games, as well as a local school community night that will feature an NFL player, among other learning tools.

According to a national survey from the Games and Learning Publishing Council concerning teaching with video games, 78% of teachers found digital games to be helpful in increasing students' knowledge of content and mastery of skills.  In addition, they reported the use of digital games to aid in students' motivation to attend class, pay attention, and put forth more effort to succeed.    >>READ MORE 
How classroom design affects student engagement 
Data from ongoing Steelcase Education studies shows that classrooms designed for active learning - i.e., where physical space supports a focus on engaging experiences for students and faculty - have a significant effect on student engagement.

Improving educational outcomes is a nearly universal goal, but how to achieve it remains a focus of continuing research and debate.

The success of any student is influenced by many variables. Academic studies have investigated several of them, from socio economic background to internal motivation to the influence of different teaching styles. Still often overlooked or underemphasized is the role of classroom design.





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Teachers are learning a new way to teach students in the nine Project LIFT schools in CMS. Directions are often scripted and praise is kept to a minimum in an effort to manage classroom behavior. It's called No Nonsense Nurturing.

It requires specific directions and dropping the niceties. Druid Hills math teacher Jonnecia Alford has it down pat, as she talks to her sixth-graders.

"While Taylor is at the board explaining a problem, your pencil is in your hand. Your voice is on zero. If you got the problem correct, you're following along and checking off the answer," Alford instructs.  >>READ MORE 
Verizon Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the nation's largest and most reliable network, is investing more than $100,000 in Indiana students to drive engagement and interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), with many of its grants serving underserved youth. The foundation has established programs that enable students to explore in STEM in new, innovative ways, increase teachers' efficiency in integrating technology into the classroom and create more personalized learning environments to help students succeed.    >>READ MORE 
Nashville Schools Build Computer Science Network   
Kofi Patterson could some day be your boss.

At 14 years old, he's still working on the business plan. But the goal is to head his own tech company.

"I want to start my business doing computer programming," Patterson, a student at Nashville's RePublic High School, said during an early October visit to the school.



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