Our two part Reflective Supervision/Consultation training is coming to southern New Jersey (Sewell) on July 25th and August 22nd!  
Facilitated by Jean Budd, LPC, IMH- E®IV-C, Kaitlin Mulcahy, LPC, IMH- E®IV-C and Diane Squadron, PsyD, IMH- E®IV-C, all experts in Infant Mental Health.

Reflective practice considers the parallel process, which describes the interlocking network of relationships within a system, such as those between a supervisor, staff member, caregivers, and children.  Reflective practice also recognizes the value of slowing down, building self-awareness, considering multiple perspectives, staying attuned with ourselves and others, using a collaborative stance and maintaining a sense of curiosity.

Learning Objectives:                                                                   
1.To understand the importance of self-awareness and reflection in relationship based work.              
2. Participants will learn ways to engage in reflective practices to help inform their work, relationships and interventions.
3. Emphasize the need to "care for the caregiver." 
4. Participants will become familiar with how their feelings, responses, and reactions to young children and families can impact their work.

Fees : NJ-AIMH MEMBER $60.00 per session/$100 series           
          NON MEMBER $70.00 per session/$130 series 

We are happy to offer a reduced price for the series. A discount code will be sent once you register for Part I!