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Reflexology and the Treatment of Stroke
January 2011
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What would happen if reflexology was widely perceived as impacting individuals who have experienced stroke? Would research result? Would reflexology techniques be added to protocols for physical therapists' rehabilitation work with stroke patients? Could millions of dollars be saved and thousands of lives changed?

Our own experience shows the possibilities of such speculation. Working with recent stroke patient Nadine over the short period of five weeks, our reflexology sessions are credited by the
patient and physical therapy professionals with speeding recovery and producing remarkable results.

At stake had been where Nadine would live for the rest of her life: nursing home or assisted living center. Nadine's first evaluation for rehabilitation stated that she was "completely dependent (on the help of others) in all areas of evaluation with left side paralysis." As noted by Nadine's daughter, "... the hospital doctor told us the prognosis for mother was not good and recommended we find some place to 'let her be comfortable (a nursing home).'"

Sixty-eighth days after her stroke, following occupational and physical therapy and thirteen reflexology sessions, Nadine demonstrated the ability to live independently. (See below.) She has moved to an assisted living facility.

While Nadine is a personal friend and our work was targeted to benefit her well-being, larger issues surround the potential for reflexology work with stroke patients. As you read the series of
articles presented here, consider a "what if" scenario: What if reflexology techniques and protocols were adopted by medical professions for the purpose of treating stroke?.)

Sixty-five days after her stroke, Nadine was evaluated as being capable of living independently. Thanks to occupational and physical therapy, thirteen reflexology sessions, and an indomitable spirit, Nadine moved to an assisted living facility on Day 68.  (See below.)

The High Costs of Stroke

What if reflexology techniques and protocols were adopted by medical professions for the purpose of treating stroke? Consider the impact of stroke on society-the individuals, financial costs,
and the medical professionals .

First, consider the human cost. Strokes are the fourth leading cause of death in the US. Some 157,000 die among the 700,000 Americans who suffer a stroke each year. Aside from stroke victims who survive and their quality of life, family members who act in various capacities as care givers create a large body of individuals who are directly effected by stroke.

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Impacting Stroke with Reflexology: A Case Study

 Nadine, a personal friend, experienced a stroke on November 5, 2010. On day 68 after her stroke and following physical and occupational therapy as well as 13 hour-long hand and foot reflexology sessions, Nadine was released to an assisted living facility. The reflexology work was credited by Nadine and physical therapists for making possible her rapid progress during rehabilitation

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Reflexology Use by Witnesses to Stroke Occurrences

Reports of Reflexology Use by Witnesses to Stroke Occurrences
Experienced reflexologist Ruth Hahn of Piqua, Ohio tells the story of her neighbor who experienced a stroke but refused to go the hospital. She insist Ruth apply reflexology to her feet. After five hours of work, the symptoms of stroke had passed. At least that was the conclusion of Ruth's husband. He re-entered the room where he had left the two women earlier and expressed his surprise to find that the woman was no longer showing the loss of facial muscle control typical of stroke that had previously been visible.
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Stroke Reflexology Research

Reflexology Research: Rehabilitation in Stroke Patients

"Foot reflexology was applied once a day for ten days, every other day for ten days, and once or twice a week for ten days. A review of 38 cases of cerebrovascular accident patients showed a 95% effectiveness rate. Results were evaluated as (1) effective if the "functions of palsy lower limbs got recovered to enable the patient to walk independently in the room and" and (2) remarkably effective if the "function of lower limbs got recovered, digital meticulous action partially recovered, Babinski's sign turned negative"

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Just One Step for Nadine
It was the week before Christmas and we were up against it. We were visiting our friend and stroke patient Nadine on a Sunday afternoon at her skilled nursing center. It had been 38 days
since her stroke and two weeks since our reflexology work had begun. Nadine had made remarkable progress-she could feel sensation; move the hand, arm and leg of her previously paralyzed left side and was showing postural improvements.
The session that day had a particular urgency. We all knew that during her physical therapy session the following days Nadine would need to take an unassisted step while holding onto the parallel bars.

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Time Line for the Case Study
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Reflexology Use in a Brain Injury Program
Hahn-Hufford Center
Ruth Hahn tells the remarkable story of reflexology technique application following a neighbor's stroke-work that resulted in the disappearance of all symptoms. See above.
The following, published in Reflexions, 1987, tells about Ruth's further reflexology work with the brain injured. See for information about what is now the Hahn-Hufford Center of Hope, Rehabilitation Center for Neurological Disorders.

Reflexology is very much a part of the program at the Rehabilitation Center for Neurological Disorders in Piqua, Ohio.

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We have only just begun the exploration of stroke and reflexology. It is going to take a lot more research and study before we can conclusively say the impact of reflexology on stroke.

But this is a very good journey

All the best,

Barbara and Kevin

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