Why We Stand in the Gap

Planned Barrenhood in Stockton almost took this little girl's life...but because there are warriors standing outside pleading for the lives of these children and their moms...this incredible child is enjoying love and compassion. Thank you Lord for sending us into the darkness to rescue the little ones.

We took Project Truth into Utah.  Together with the folks from G.A.P. (Genocide Awareness Project) we combined our efforts for the first "show the truth" visit to Mormonland.  These Utahians had never experienced what we would bring to their campuses.  The presentation went so well we plan on another visit soon.

Weber State and Salt Lake City College were fertile ground for our teams and the culture was much like the California colleges.  The state is only half Mormon and half of the Mormons aren't living out their beliefs, so we were in a harvest field yet again.  

We took a little time to visit one of the most successful man-made religions in the world.

Even though the Lord said He  does not dwell in "temples" made with hands, the Mormons go to great lengths to influence people into thinking He does.

This is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Auditorium. 

All over the Temple grounds are Mormon missionaries waiting to engage and convert visitors in their holy place.

In the back of the Tabernacle auditorium were two woman missionaries wanting to talk to us.

We welcomed the opportunity because we too are "on our mission."

So, above, Matt, Hannah, Lee, and Linda lovingly challenged these two lost missionaries with the truth. In our exchange we encourage them to check out the website ADAMSROADMINISTRY.com.  It is a great resource developed by FORMER Mormon missionaries who found the real Jesus.  Micah's 17-minute testimony is fantastic for anyone to listen to, especially Mormons.

I decided to find bigger fish to offer the truth to and found these two Mormon security guards.  The Temple compound is surrounded by large walls and gates.  They have armed security because there is often trouble at the Temple.

I enjoyed the exchange and pray for the souls of these two "men in black."

Pray for the man on the right that he will check out Adams Road and think about the Word presented to him by our team.

Now back to the college outreach.

The G.A.P. display is much, much larger than ours and can be overwhelming to the students.

There is a barrier that is in place to help us keep the students at bay.  The display and message draws many student to talk to us.

We spread the message out among the people of the Salt Lake Valley with over 3,500 brochures. 

Salt Lake City College decided that our display may "trigger" hurt feelings and they offered a "safe room" for anyone to "decompress" from troubled feelings.

This is the "safe space," but there were no takers.

I noticed that there was an offer of cookies and other refreshments for anyone to partake in to find peace.

Hey, I was a little shaken when some mean students called me dirty names and told me I was an old white man while I was out there in the quad.

There was another sign inside.

Another offer to work through my feelings with Leslie.

I again saw the cookies but didn't notice the carrots for some reason.

So... YES...I'm going in...NO...but what about my feelings?... 
YES! YES! YES! I did it!

Forget about talking to Leslie.

I suddenly felt rejuvenated and "safe."

The "safe space" worked and I had a new feeling of purpose.

From now on I will make it my goal to visit all the safe spaces at the colleges we visit.

With a new bounce in my step...
I think from the sugar... I spoke with these two students and had a great conversation which concluded with both students thanking me for answering their questions and taking the
materials we offered that included the Gospel. 

The guy told me his name was Andrew.  I asked him if he knew where that name came from, to which he replied that he did not know.

I told him that  Andrew is a Biblical name and he seemed a bit surprised.

So I offered him a New Testament so he could find his name and the young man willingly took it to search for his name.

When he had first come up to listen in on our conversation, he was skeptical.  However, after listening to our reasoning about two worldviews competing for his mind, he was interested in more information.

Praise the Lord. 
My good friend Fletcher Armstrong is in the red hat debating a growing group of Black Lives Matters students.  He is a good debater who runs the East Coast arm of the G.A.P. project.  In my next newsletter I'll share a video clip of some of our debate with the BLM confused young people.

While in Mormonland we met Pastor Ron Tabor of Grace Bible Ministries in Ogden.  He is pictured to the right of me.  He stood with us and was a great encouragement while we were there. We were also graced with a great young man named Caleb from Berean Baptist Church in Ogden. These two local warriors ministered to us during the week. 

The Weber State protester with the green sign in front of me was about to find out the difference between truth and error. 

I told her that the sign she was displaying "My uterus is not an incubator" was confusing to me.  So I asked her, "W hat is a uterus ?"

After some struggling with the moment error meets truth, she conceded that a uterus is in fact an incubator.  Unfortunately, she continued to hold the sign.

You can watch the actual video clip below of her awakening and if you want to see a longer version of our conversation you can go onto my webpage and find the link to the longer video.
Confused Protester
Confused Protester
                                                    Two-minute clip
We also impacted the oldest high school in Utah with hundreds of brochures and enjoyed some students spending after-school time with Matt and Hannah. They were intrigued by our confidence in the Word of God and our confidence that evolution is a hoax.  Some of the school officials tried to break up the conversations, but the students told the teachers that they wanted to talk to us.

We now have a new banner and website that we developed for those struggling with their past abortions.

Please check out the testimonies found on the webpage. 

Many are clicking onto the site and we hope they find the forgiveness and peace only found in the Cross of Jesus Christ. 

So many great moments have happened with our team these past several weeks at the colleges, high schools, and abortion centers. Project Truth travels to Nevada this week to two more colleges.  I will share more in the next newsletter around Thanksgiving.  The Lord is really working us in the fields for the lost souls, of which there are multitudes.  The time is now to proclaim the hope found in the one and only creator God.
If you want a little more, below is an eight-minute edited video of a conversation I had with a student who expresses that it is fine with her to "murder babies" if you want to do that.

This attitude is more common than you may think and I am even more compelled to challenge these kinds of students with the warning of a Holy God who will hold them accountable for their thinking.

It's OK to murder babies
A God-given moment as we leave early in the morning to head back home past the Salt Lake.

Project Truth Fall Tour 
August 28-29 Mon-Tues  -  Delta College
Sept. 5-6 Tues-Wed  -  Cabrillo College 
Sept 11-12  Mon-Tues  -  Sac City College
Sept. 18-21  Mon-Thurs  -  Hancock College and Cuesta College 
Oct. 2-5  Utah- University of Utah and Salt Lake City College
Oct. 16-17  -  Shasta College

Oct. 23-26 Mon-Thurs -  Nevada UNR and Truckee College
                       Thank you for standing with me

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