• Is your armor uncomfortable?  Or just wearing out?  D3O armor works great in most jackets and pants and it's comfortable! 

  • Scorpion EXO-R410 Split helmets; just $39!  XS and Small are all that's left
D3O is a great replacement product for older gear whose armor is decaying, become stiff or is too old to be rated and tested like modern armor.  

You can buy pairs for shoulders, elbows, knees and hips.  Back pads are also available.  All are sold in two "levels".  The two levels have the same shape, length and width, but the higher level units, "level 2" are about 50% thicker.  

Any of the D3O pieces are all made out of the same material... an energy absorbing compound that is soft, pliable and flexible... which means comfortable! 

The D3O is BY FAR the best selling replacement armor on the market.  
This armor fits nearly any riding gear that has pockets for shoulder, elbows or knees.  There if rarely a size issue.  All sizes are listed on our web page and minor trimming can be done if necessary.  

You'll want to review our sizing info on the back pads.  Nearly every manufacturer has a bit different shape.  This design is as "neutral as possible and can be trimmed some if necessary, but unfortunately is rarely a perfect replacement size.  

These hip protectors will fit in many models of pants and riding jeans but you'll hardly know they're there.

Our Price:

Just $20 for Level 1 pair,

$25 for Level 2 pair

D3O consistently gets great reviews!
FreeLance Rider says:   Got out my several year old summer mesh Joe Rocket Phoenix riding jacket and was surprised the CE armor had crumbled! I ordered the D30 Level 2. Perfect fit, lighter, softer, more flexable. Best armor I've used yet. Ordered knee pads for my Slider riding pants and a back pad for another jacket. Love this D30 armor

Brian Says:   d3o is simply the best. I'm ordering my 3rd set now. I started with one set of these that I swapped from my street gear to my track suit. Then I crashed hard at the track and walked away with a moderate strain to my AC ligament in spite of ragdolling a fair distance. Between that kind of protection and the fact that I forget they're even there in my jackets, they're the only way to go. Now I'm getting a set of CE 2's for my suit and I'll have 2 sets for my street gear so I won't have to swap.
We're down to just XS and Small sizes.

Consider this helmet for men, women, youth... anybody who can get a fit in these small sizes!

 Snell/DOT approved.

MSRP:  $149.95

Now just $39!

New Product Reviews
New this week are simple, perfed summer gloves from Tour Master:
These gloves remind me of leather driving gloves or patrol gloves. They fit the hand very closely and the leather is very supple and form fitting. For those who like a traditional non-armored leather glove, you’ll really like these. The back of the hand has lines of large perforation holes to let in some air and there is stretch material between the fingers that will also let air pass.  I think this glove is a better quality leather than the previous version from Tour Master and this version has been upgraded with touch sensitive leather on the forefinger tip and thumb tip so you can manipulate your phone. Overall, a very nice, simple black leather glove......(more)
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