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Regain control of your Lull!
Replace your worn-out Cab Controls.

Part # Description Price (Used)
Lull P31406 Joystick & Valve Rebuilt $900
Lull P31477 Rubber Boot $30
Lull P31489 Rubber Cap $15
Lull P33094 Joystick Cam $70
Lull P31473 Joystick Flange--Rebuilt $160
Lull P32693 Joystick Handle w/ Switch $200
Lull P28704 Steer Wheel $200
Lull P19293
Lull 39751B
Steer Motor $500
Lull P29100 Steer Selector Valve $400
Lull 65014B Shift Selector $700
Lull P33122 Steer Column $200
Lull P18141 Horn Button Kit $20
Lull 38094A Declutch Switch $9
Lull 36830B Gauge Cluster $900
Lull P40135 Parking Brake Valve Control $150
Lull P31407 Frame Tilt Control Valve $900
Lull 39696B Brake Pedal & Valve Rebuilt $450
Lull 16461A
Lull 8162003
Accelerator Pedal Rebuilt $90

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