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Winter 2015 -2016

Coordinator Message 
The California Environmental Literacy Blueprint was recently released. It will provide important opportunities to integrate environmental literacy throughout the K-12 education system. This Blueprint was a collaborative project between the California Department of Education's Environmental Literacy Task Force, the Glen Price Group and countless stakeholders throughout the state. 
Five working teams spent over a year outlining goals and recommendations in these areas:
1. Learning Environments and Expanding Reach
2. Instructional Materials and Educator Professional Learning
3. System Integration of Environmental Literacy with Common Core, NGSS, STEM and other current initiatives such as EEI
4. Learning Outcomes and Monitoring and Assessment of Environmental Literacy
5. Sustainable Funding for Environmental Literacy
These goals will take many partnerships to bring this Blueprint to fruition in California. You are each considered a valued partner and each of you is needed to make sure our students can access environmental literacy, throughout their entire K-12 public school experience. This plan lays the groundwork for how ALL students can enjoy equal access. The outcome should be environmentally literate adults able to understand, tackle and solve California's complex environmental concerns. 
With the recent fires and on-going drought in California, this Blueprint couldn't have released at a better time. If you would like to learn more you can download the document here:
Please share this newsletter with your fellow teachers and colleagues. We need all of us! 
Jody Bertolucci, CREEC Coordinator, Region 7
What's New in Region 7

Every Kid in a Park Initiative - ALL 4th Graders are FREE!

Earlier this year, President Obama launched the Every Kid in a Park Initiative to get every child outside to learn about the rich history and natural wonders of our federal lands and waters. Beginning this year, Every Kid in a Park (EKiP) grants every 4th grader. . .

Read more about Every Kid in a Park (opens in a new window)


A-TEAM FOR WILDLIFE Presents "Saving Endangered Species" Youth Presentation Program


New for Region 7 this year: "Saving Endangered Species" a school assembly program - the ONLY presentation program in the CREEC Resource list of 700+ programs focused specifically on the topic of Endangered Species. Species extinction is the "evil twin" to Climate Change and represents the permanent elimination of our most fundamental natural resources - life itself.. . .

Climate Classroom Website Launched for ALL Grades

The Fresno County Office of Education presents a 4-day workshop (grade level determines the one day every other month) focusing on science content and pedagogical strategies designed for EL Learners . . .

Local Events
Now Even Easier to Use for Teachers and Providers 
Searchable Database of Environmental Education Resources at  

The CREEC Resource Directory is now even easier to use.  Just type in the name of an EE Provider or Program and it will take you directly to their listing. There is also an alphabetical list where you can also type in the name OR keyword. Start Searching Today.
If you want you can customize your search by Region, Topic, Grade Level, California Science Content Standard or EEI Unit. You can also create a Teacher Account and save all your searches.
Also, this is a reminder to all EE Providers to create your accounts if you haven't already and then to add your programs and calendar listings!  We are here to help you, on line, by phone or by step-by-step tutorials. Please contact us to assist you. We are here to help you to share your expertise with the region. 
The more Environmental Education the better!!


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The California Regional Environmental Education Community (CREEC) Network is an educational project supported by the California Department of Education in collaboration with state, regional and local partners. Its expansive communication network provides educators with access to high-quality educational resources to enhance the environmental literacy of California Students.
CREEC is housed and supported by the Fresno County Office of Education
Jody Bertolucci, Contact Info (, (559) 265-3098 Ext.4354

Shannon Gordon, Statewide CREEC Coordinator,
STEM Office, California Dept. of Education, 1430 N Street, Suite 4309, Sacramento, CA 95814

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