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Good morning eNews-ers, this eNews is all about conserving water, water and more water. Please read all of this related information so you can understand the need to conserve and how you can help. ~Sheri




Our Water Conservation team recently received news from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) that as a region we are not meeting our goal of 10% voluntary reduction. It is very important that we meet this goal in Redwood City and the region. If we are able to meet the 10% voluntary reduction, it greatly improves our chances of avoiding mandatory rationing in 2014, and possibly 2015.


Water consumption patterns in relation to the much needed precipitation we received in February and March indicate that we can meet our goals by reducing our outdoor water use. In particular, we are noticing spikes in consumption primarily due to irrigation.


Here are some easy ways to immediately save water in your yard.  

  • Reduce how often you water your lawn and plants by watering only once or twice per week.
  • Watering for too long can waste water causing it to run-off into the gutter. Allow water to soak into the soil by watering in short intervals. (If you normally water for 10 minutes switch to watering for 5 minutes, wait for 15 minutes, then water for 5 more minutes.)
  • Use a broom instead of a hose to clean your driveway and sidewalk.
  • Take your car to a carwash instead of washing it at home. (Carwashes can water more efficiently.)
  • Check your sprinkler system for any leaks or broken nozzles, and turn off your sprinklers until the leaks are fixed.
  • Check the aim of your sprinklers. "Watering the sidewalk doesn't help to save water or your plants."
  • Water dry spots by hand instead of turning up the sprinkler.

Here are some ways to save water in your yard and for years to come.

  • Replace your lawn with drought tolerant plants
  • Install a drip irrigation for shrubs and flowers.
  • Install a smart irrigation controller with a rain sensor.

Remember: "There's a Drought On. Turn the Water Off."

  • Check for toilet leaks. (it may be leaking without you knowing it)
  • Install low flow shower heads and sink aerators (Redwood City can give them to you for free)
  • Use an automatic dishwasher to wash dishes and only run it when it is full.
  • Don't let the water run when washing dishes by hand. Plug the drain, or fill up a larger pot or tub to hold soapy water.
  • Reuse bath water to water your lawn.

Click here for more tips. 





3rd Annual National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation

Our City is one of the top 10 contenders in the country, but we can do better!

Take the pledge and help us reach #1!


Help your City earn a national title for being the most "water wise" in the country. If we win, you will be eligible for some great eco-prizes.


You and your fellow residents can help Redwood City win this national competition (and help our State address the water drought) by taking a pledge to increase your water conservation at


If Redwood City wins, you and your fellow residents will be entered into prize drawings for hundreds of eco-friendly prizes, including home improvement gift cards, home irrigation equipment, and a Grand Prize Toyota Prius Plug-In. You simply need to let the City know how you will be saving water and energy during Earth Month by logging on to


Your participation is FREE. The contest ends April 30th, 2014, so don't delay and make your pledge today!




Spring 2014 Landscape Education Program

Sponsored by the City of Redwood City and the

Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency (BAWSCA)


Classes throughout our area are available February through June 2014

Redwood City hands-on workshops are Saturday April 26th and May 3rd. 


Redwood City is offering two hands-on workshops. Hands-on workshops offer the experience of applying water-efficient techniques, installing native and drought-tolerant gardens, and drip irrigation.


Redwood City Hands-on Workshops Provide Lasting Value, 2-Part Series.

Both take place at: Fire Station #10, 2190 Jefferson Avenue, Redwood City


April 26, 9am-1pm

Part 1: Water-Efficient Landscape Hands-on Installation (Deva Luna): Participate in the garden installation at Redwood City's Fire Station! Learn the process and techniques of designing and installing an attractive garden using water-efficient CA native plants that you can apply to your own space! Wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes, bring a hat and a pair of gardening gloves.


May 3, 9am-1pm,

Part 2: Water-Efficient Landscape Irrigation (Deva Luna): This workshop will demonstrate water-conserving irrigation strategies and how to evaluate your irrigation system for upgrades. Learn basic drip irrigation design and installation, component selection, watering techniques, and the proper system maintenance for your landscaping. Dress to garden, and bring a hat and a pair of gardening gloves


Registration is Required. Go to to register!



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