Bread as Agriculture:
A series highlighting Greenmarket baked goods made with local grains.    
5th Floor Farm Kitchen's Veggie Turnover
Featured Item #8
5th Floor Farm Kitchen's Veggie Turnover   

          There is an interesting duality to the products at 5th Floor Farm Kitchen's stand that is apparent to anyone looking over their offerings with a hungry eye and intent to buy. Faye Chan and Fred Price, who run the bakery, are a married couple who presumably share many things. But as bakers there is only one product they collaborate on: the vegetable turnover. The rest of their products are made exclusively by one or the other. Faye's creations are savory and often Asian-influenced while Fred's items share his Hungarian provenance. The theme that unites all their products is their insistence on using fresh, local, and natural ingredients. The couple's interest in healthful food is rooted in years of listening to health-related radio programming during the 1960's. While the prevailing wisdom on nutrition has taken some turns since then, eating fresh and local has remained a guiding principle in their baking and in healthful eating since the beginning. The mark of fresh and local is apparent in all their products, and the vegetable turnover is a case in point.

The filling for the veggie turnover is Faye's responsibility. She sautÚs a mix of seasonal veggies in a wok with traditional Asian seasoning. Fred prepares the crust, which is a Hungarian pastry crust made with cottage cheese and butter. The veggies - whenever possible - come fresh from the couple's 5 acre fruit and vegetable garden. The eggs, which are scrambled in with the veggies, come from a neighboring family's farm. The crust is made with white flour grown in Vermont and milled by Champlain Valley Milling with the germ (the most nutritious part of the wheat grain) left in the flour. It is a farm based baked good down to the last detail. 5th Floor has sourced flour locally for decades, a long-standing commitment that sets them apart from many bakers, even at Greenmarket. Fred is quick to site this commitment to using local ingredients, saying, "We did a lot of stuff before it was required by Greenmarket ... we haven't had to change anything." And that says a lot. 5th Floor Farm Kitchen bakes with local ingredients because that's what they have always done - it's in the bakery's DNA.

At this point it shouldn't be surprising that Fred believes that, "the secret of good cooking is good ingredients." Upon tasting the veggie turnover, you might suspect that he's holding something back, a trade secret perhaps. But again, it could just be really good ingredients.


You can find 5th Floor Farm Kitchen's baked goods at Union Square Greenmarket on Saturdays.

Union Square - Saturday




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