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BCMS Students Recognized for Outstanding
Contributions to Social Studies

The Georgia Council for Social Studies held their Regional Fair at the University of North Georgia March 4. Fourteen Bear Creek Middle School students presented their social studies projects, and all 14 students placed and received ribbons. Only 16 projects from the regional fair can move on to state and Bear Creek took 3 of the spots!

We congratulate all of these students for their hard work and this tremendous accomplishment. Teachers Holley Ziemann and David Kendrick put them through the ringer last week. They were all nervous to present to the judges, but they each knew their material and did a great job. BCMS students received many complements from parents, judges, and other students for their presentations. This is Bear Creek's first year participating in the Social Studies Fair. Having all 14 participants place is a huge accomplishment! Moving on to state are Mary Murdock (pictured above), Emma Compton and Rachel Morgan.

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Market Day at Auburn Elementary

February 24, Auburn Elementary third graders had the opportunity to have their first School Market Day. Students were challenged to create 20 items at home to "sell" in a simulated market at school. The concepts of producers, consumers, goods, services, wants, needs, and budgeting were all incorporated into this culminating activity.

Some of the things teachers overheard students saying about Market Day:

"This is so awesome!"
"Now I understand what being a producer and consumer really means!"
"Oh no, I spent more than I realized in that last classroom. I only have 5 dollars left!"
"My items aren't selling. Maybe I should lower the price to get people more interested."
"I love Market Day! I wish we could do this more often!"

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