New Pump Station and Reservoir Increase Capacity
The Sunrise Water Authority is about half way through two projects that will significantly increase its distribution system's capacity. The increased capacity is designed to meet the City's growing demand needs for the next 20 years.

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Consortium Launches Personal Preparedness Campaign


This spring, the Consortium launched a campaign focused on educating the public about the importance of having an emergency supply of water in their preparedness kits. The campaign includes water-focused emergency preparedness information on the Consortium's website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and ads on 24 TriMet buses.

How water providers are preparing for emergencies big and small  
Did you know that the Consortium and its water provider members own 13 mobile water treatment and distribution trailers which can be used to distribute water to the public in an emergency? The nine distribution and four treatment systems are just a small part of what the Consortium and local water providers are doing to plan for events that could impact local water supplies.

Find out more about the work that the Consortium and its members are doing to make the region more resilient.

Unsure of how much to water this week? Check out the Weekly Watering Number  

Weekly Watering Number Summer may officially be just around the corner, but this year's watering season is already well underway. That means that most gardens, lawns, and landscapes will need to be watered weekly from here on out to retain their lush greenery.

Not sure how much water to give your thirsty plants? Check out the Weekly Watering Number  (WWN).

Published each Thursday, the WWN is the amount of water that lawns need each week - it can also be adjusted for other plant types. Sign up to receive the WWN .

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