Congress of Connecticut
Community Colleges
April 7, 2016
There is Something for Everyone! Register now for the 4Cs Membership Conference 
Registration is open for the 4Cs Membership Conference, which will be held on Saturday, April 30 at Manchester Community College from 9am-3pmThe Membership Conference will offer all of our members opportunities to discuss the challenges confronting us - from local policy issues, state budgetary concerns, and national attacks on unions - and strategies on how to work together to confront these challenges. 

The 4Cs Membership Committee, with input from the Part-Timers Committee, has been working to create a schedule of interesting and diverse speakers, workshops, and meetings for the Membership Conference. Do you have questions about retirement? Are their benefits in your union contract that you aren't utilizing? Do you want to learn how to resolve conflicts? What are our union brothers and sisters achieving in New England and across the country? Are you interested in networking with your peers? The 4Cs Membership Conference will offer all of our members opportunities to choose workshops that interest them and network with others in similar situations.

Please see the tentative schedule and registration form here.

SEBAC Update
An email was sent earlier this week notifying our members that the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC), which negotiates healthcare and pension benefits on behalf of all unionized state employees, that a meeting had been set up between SEBAC leaders and representatives from the Governor's office.

The meeting took place yesterday afternoon and SEBAC shared the following recap of the meeting:

"Leaders of our state employees union coalition met with officials from the administration today and plan to meet again in the near future. We intend to continue discussing ways in which savings can be realized and providing suggestions to help protect our state's quality of life.

"That is the extent of our discussions. Page #1 of our 2011 agreement already provides the framework for significant cost-savings that could prevent deep cuts to public services of layoffs of the state employees that delver them."

As of publication, approximately 325 4Cs members have responded to our survey about opening the SEBAC agreement. If you have not responded, you can do so here.

Phone: 860.296.5172


4Cs Calendar

April 9
Finance, Membership, and Part-Timers Committee Meetings
Time: 9am
Location: 4Cs Office

Delegate Assembly Meeting
Time: 10am
Location: 4Cs Office, 907 Wethersfield Ave., Hartford

April 12
Capital Chapter Meeting
Time: 1pm
Location: Community Room

April 14
Norwalk Chapter Meeting
Time: 2:30
Location: W121 CADR

April 30
SAVE THE DATE: 4Cs Membership Conference. Register here.