Congress of Connecticut
Community Colleges
August 19, 2015
Dear Community College Professionals,

The 4Cs office has received several inquiries regarding working on Saturday for registration. We are sharing the following items from our Contract - Article X, Section 2, (Work Load, Hours of Work, and Work Year of Nonteaching Professional Staff ) -  so that you have the information in the event that you wish to discuss this matter with your supervisor.
  • Work Load: "The required work week is 35 hours of assigned responsibilities which may include evening or weekend work. Unless otherwise agreed to by the individual concerned, all members of the non-teaching professional staff must have two consecutive days off each week including either Saturday or Sunday...." (emphasis added).  
  • Informal Work Schedule Adjustments/Compensatory Time: ..."When work is performed in excess of 40 hours per week, compensatory time will be provided on a one-for-one basis in accordance with the following:
    1. Compensatory time can be accrued only with the prior approval of the employer...
    2. There shall be a record of accrued compensatory time...
    3. Compensatory time shall be used with in the calendar year earned or within three months of being earned, whichever comes later, at time mutually agreeable to the employee and supervisor...
    4. The parties recognize that there may be special circumstances in which their agreements with respect to informal work schedule adjustments and use of compensatory time cannot be implemented because of the nature of the work or staffing. In those circumstances, employees will accrue compensatory time on a seven-for-ten basis for all time worked between 35 and 40 hours per week and on a one-for-one basis for hours after 40 per week up to a total of 70 hours. In any pay period, after an employee accrues 70 hours of compensatory time, the employee will be paid at a straight time rate for those additional hours which would have otherwise been added to the compensatory time total. Situations to be covered by this provision will be identified by mutual agreement of the parties" (emphasis added)...
    5. Upon terminating employment, an employee will be paid for accrued but unused compensatory time up to a total of 70 hours pursuant to the following limitations...
Based on the Contract, if:
  • Your supervisor is asking you to work a full shift on Saturday, you can contractually ask for Monday off, noting that the contract allows you to take two consecutive days off every week. However, if you are needed at work on Monday, your employer can offer you compensatory time.
  • If your supervisor is asking you to work a partial shift on Saturday, you can request compensatory time equal to the number of hours worked on Saturday.
If you have any questions, please contact your union representative at 860.296.5172.

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