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The Fundamentals
Registration Closes in Three Days!
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Registration for the Online Signature Learning Program Hosting World Cafe: The Fundamentals will be closed on September 20th. That's only 3 days away, so you'll need to Register Now if you want to be there.

Basic Details
Asynchronously from September 30th - November 17th
(with opening and closing synchronous sessions on September 30th and November 11th)

Online using Fielding's distance-learning platform and by telephone and computer screen for the synchronous sessions.


Academic & Professional Credit:
6 CEUs & 19 CCEUs
REGISTER NOW (Registration closes September 20th)

MORE DETAILS about the course curriculum, reading list, costs, and format.   

If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us @ the World Caf� Signature Learning Programs.  

Quotes from Past Participants:


"What have I learned? So many things. I have to say that this course transformed me."   


"I (now) have a much fuller understanding of how all of the principles work independently and together, a deeper understanding of the whole... Armed with that understanding, I take more confidence and trust into the process of hosting and interacting in conversations that matter"  


"I would never have had the opportunity to learn from and contribute to such wonderful conversations with people from around the globe had it not been for this online platform and for that I am very grateful. Online interaction can be a lesser substitute for face-to-face conversation, but in this case, I actually think I learnt more from having the time to reflect on questions and read others' responses."