August 2017
Participate in a review of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) system
The Alberta Government is looking to review the OHS Act and wants your input. The review will examine the legislation, as well as compliance, enforcement, education. awareness and prevention efforts. An online survey is available for your input until October 16, 2017. A discussion paper on the review issued by the government can be access online.
National WHMIS Supplier Initiative
Provincial Occupational Health and Safety Departments across Canada will be conducting an inspection campaign between July 2017 and March 2018 to promote the compliance with Federal laws by WHMIS suppliers. HPA Inspectors will be visiting Canadian workplaces of suppliers and may or may not provide advanced warning of the visit. The main objective of this project is to build a list of suppliers in each jurisdiction.
What are inspectors looking for?
  • Products that are included in the application of the scope of the HPA (excluded products are in section 12 and 1 of the HPA)
  • Cooperation with the HPA Inspector (assistance and access to information requested by the inspector)
  • Documents to be prepared and maintained (French and English copies; sales and purchasing records;records kept in Canada or have obtained an exemption; records kept for 6 years)
  • SDS Compliance (WHMIS 2015 standards)
  • Label Compliance (WHMIS 2015 standards)
Did you know?
Additionally, employers who import or sell hazardous products in Canada are required to keep specific purchasing information and specific sales information for a period of six years. These requirements are outlined in section 14.3 of the Hazardous Products Act.    
You can click this letter from the Government sent to suppliers with a contact in Alberta for more information as well as what the inspectors are looking for in detail during their inspection campaign. Information on this campaign from the Saskatchewan government is posted online.  
Deerfoot can author your SDSs and Supplier Labels in English and French
Our registered SDS Authors can take your lab analysis, reclassify chemicals and author an SDS to GHS standards that satisfy Canadian and American regulations. Our Safety Data Sheets have a best in class reputation and our documents are routinely recognized by regulators and inspectors as high quality and reliable. Don't rely on low-cost providers or automated authoring programs to properly classify and write your safety data sheets and chemical labels. Contact us for more info on authoring.
Chemscape has many training resources to get you WHMIS 2015 ready. Please see on our transition timeline poster for more information on WHMIS 2015 deadlines. FREE WHMIS 2015 Pictogram Poster. Chemscape has authored an e-learning course on WHMIS 2015. Contact us for a demo on our WHMIS 2015 course.

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