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Watch Heidi 
Wednesday, April 12th
Heidi will feature tips for fun and early container gardening!

See Heidi's where she shares tips for sowing seeds for Spring and growing microgreens.

Thursday, April 13th
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Wayzata Country Club
Heidi is a panelist for this Farm to Table event

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Did You Know...

Did you know...
Our commitment to pollinator plants and bee-friendly practices has been one of our core business practices since 1979!

Did you know...
Neonicotinoid refers to a family of insecticides used widely on farms and urban landscapes. Plants absorbing this chemical will produce it in its pollen and nectar. Neonicotinoid treatments are toxic to bees.

Did you know...
We have been a participant in the "Hive to Bottle" program from the U of MN Bee Squad since 2011! We have learned   a lot about keeping a hive healthy and thriving over the years!
Did you know...
We have Bee Lawn Seed!  This is a combination of traditional lawn grass seed with low growing plant seeds which help support bees and native pollinators.  The best time to seed is between mid-May through mid-June.
Did you know...
We now have our own honey available at GrowHaus! Sweet!
GrowHaus Honey
Available in 4 oz or 8 oz sizes
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April, 2017
The artist David Hockney once said that he had always planned to make a large painting of the early Spring, until
he realized the arrival of Spring can't be done in one picture.

Spring is unfolding, rejuvenating all the senses! Every day a new bud, a new bird or a new blade appears.  Our greenhouses are budding, too!

We grow healthy plants to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Our plants are grown "clean", meaning they are raised in nutrient-rich, clean soil, and are neonicotinoid-free, making them pollinator-friendly.

Our bulk bins are filled with soil-improvement materials for any garden, and include compost, rice hulls, and premium garden soil mix. 

We encourage the "Landscape-to-Table" movement, suggesting the use of edibles in unconventional ways. Strawberries as ground cover, blueberries as a hedge, asparagus to wave in the wind, rivaling the look of common perennial grasses. 

These are our practices to demonstrate our fundamental belief in the importance of the"People-Plant Connection" for a healthy lifestyle.

Let us know how we can help foster the connection for you! Just call 763.475.4960, or write:
Join us for our First Anniversary Open House!
Celebrating the First Year of GrowHaus - 04/15/17
Our dreams for our Nursery and Retail Centre 
have taken root. It's time to celebrate!

Saturday, 04/15
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Fun, Family-Friendly Activities
Bring the kids for Easter fun

Anniversary Sale 
Abundant Pansies and Pussy Willows!
Great deals on plants, landscape materials 
and boutique home decor items

Celebrate with us as you get your 
Home, Garden  & Landscape ready for Spring!

We are located at 
7555 County Road 116, Corcoran, MN 55340
Phone: 763-420-2909
Write:, or visit:
Garden Services and Landscape Design Updates
This month our garden services crews continue Spring Clean-up activities, installing Fifth Season twig and stem containers and Pansy Pots, and initiate Soil Prep activities. 

Our landscape design and installation division is fully prepared to launch Spring projects. Our two designers are taking on new projects this month, with fresh ideas for new plants and materials. Call us now to get on the schedule! 763.475.4960. Write:
What's In Store at GrowHaus? Green Goodies!
This month we feature everything you need for growing your own microgreens! Microgreens are young seedlings 
of edible veggies and herbs. Packed with four to six times the nutrients of mature plants, microgreens are an easy way to boost nutrition. They are harvested less than 14 days after germination, making them easy to grow!

Also check out our ever-expanding assortment of fun and unique boutique items for home and garden in our store. 
A perfect way to hop into Spring!

Plant of the Month
Dutchman's Breeches  (Dicentra Cucullaria) 

This herbaceous perennial is a Minnesota native wildflower that starts blooming in April. It is one of the first heralds of Spring! Its white flowers can be sometimes tinged with pink. It thrives in the shade and heavily wooded areas. 

Employee of the Month
Joe Riehle, Nursery Manager
Meet Joe Riehle, our experienced and talented Nursery Manager! 
Joe has been working with us since the inception of GrowHaus last year.

Joe brings over 25 years of experience managing his own landscape design/build and garden center in Aitkin, MN. He also farmed on 80-acres in the Aitkin area, raising nursery plants, as well as veggies for his 130-member CSA.  Joe grew up in St. Paul, MN, and loves being back in this area, closer to his roots!

We're so proud to have Joe on our Leadership Team!  He's very busy right now organizing all of our greenhouses, improving efficiencies in our nursery strategy, and perpetually striving to make everything better! He is such a delight to work with! Thanks, Joe for your efforts!
You can reach Joe by writing:
Recipe of the Month
Spring Pea Shoot & Pineapple Pizza Fresca 

Here's a delicious way to add nutrient-dense microgreens into the equation for a Springtime appetizer! Michele Phillips of created this easy, tasty and beautiful combination. Use any kind of microgreens for an extra layer of crunch and color. Nutritious and delicious!

Check out Michele's  blog, and let her know how you like this recipe!
"'The best place to find God is in a garden. You can dig for Him there."
~ George Bernard Shaw
Bloom On! 
Heidi Heiland
Heidi's Lifestyle Gardens