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Happy Fourth of July! It's the perfect time to relax with family, honor veterans, learn more about American history, politics, and our government. Longer days mean more time for ice tea, poolside BBQs, and, of course, reading. We're also  having author events every weekend, so come in to discover new, phenomenal local authors.

Page 1 Books is more than just a unique bookstore: it's a community. With our knowledgeable booksellers, collection of resident authors, and loyal locals, we have built a fellowship of readers, writers, and enthusiasts. Stop by soon and discover what our local, Independent bookstore has in store for you.

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"The summer looks out from her brazen tower,
Through the flashing bars of July."

- Francis Thompson

Page One will have reduced hours on Tuesday. We'll be open from 10am-5pm.

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We're looking for full-time and part-time booksellers! Do you enjoy a creative and collaborative workplace? Are you organized and detail-oriented? And, most importantly, do you love books?! If so, then working with us at Page One may be the job for you! Please visit the link below for more information about the position and to download the application.

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Have you moved away from Albuquerque but still miss your favorite local bookstore? Hate Amazon and paying for shipping? Pining for some neat and nerdy bookish gifts? Page One now has an online warehouse to supplement our in-store offerings where you can buy new books, textbooks, gifts, CDs, DVDs, and vinyl!   Our used selection is only available in-store, so give us a call at 505.294.2026 to see what we have in store or to have us Special Order anything for in-store pickup.
Read Harder Challenge

The Page One Staff is once again taking on BookRiot's  Read Harder Challenge! The challenge consists of 24 tasks--averaging to 2 books a month--chosen to push you to read books you otherwise wouldn't have picked up.

To the right are some of the books we've read this month. We invite you to take on the challenge with us! Email us at, Tweet  @pageonebooks, or message us on  Facebook with your progress and we'll feature you on our website!

Resist Empathize Act Discuss

Each month we're going to highlight a few books on a subject of particular relevance. 

July: Veterans
  Fire and Forget, by Matt Gallagher & Roy Scranton 
These stories aren't pretty and they aren't for the faint of heart. They are realistic, haunting and shocking. And they are all unforgettable. What makes the collection so remarkable is that all of these stories are written by those who were there, or waited for them at home. The anthology, which features a Foreword by National Book Award winner Colum McCann, includes the best voices of the wars' generation.

Other reads:

   These Heroic Happy Dead,  by Luke Mogelson
With his harrowing debut, Luke Mogelson provides an unsentimental, unflinching glimpse into the lives of those forever changed by war. Subtle links between these ten powerful stories magnify the consequences of combat for both soldiers and civilians, as the violence experienced abroad echoes through their lives in America.

   The White Donkey,  by Maximilian Uriarte
A graphic novel of war and its aftermath. A powerful, compulsively page-turning, vivid, and moving tribute to the experience of war and PTSD,  The White Donkey tells the story of Abe, a young Marine recruit who experiences the ugly, pedestrian, and often meaningless side of military service in rural Iraq. Abe gets more than he bargained for when his journey takes him to the middle east in war-torn Iraq.

   Soldiers Once, by Catherine Whitney
Catherine Whitney's brother, Vietnam veteran Jim Schuler, died at just fifty-three years old, while living in a flophouse. It had been sixteen years since, in one of his drunken rages, he had last seen his family. He was one of countless veterans who never recovered from the trauma of war and the stress of returning to live in a country that didn't care about his pain. The story of what happened to Whitney's brother resonates with humanity and has a clear relevance to current national concerns.

Upcoming Events
This month's Local Author and Small Press Book Fair will take place on July 1st from 11:00am-1:00pm.
Discover Albuquerque Beer with Chris Jackson

Local author Chris Jackson will be joining us to discuss his book,  Albuquerque Beer: Duke City History on Tap , on  Saturday, July 8th at 4:00pm .

Albuquerque's commercial brewing scene dates back to 1888, when the Southwestern Brewery & Ice Company was launched. It later churned out thirty thousand barrels of beer per year and distributed throughout the region. Nearly thirty years later, Prohibition halted brewing save for a brief comeback in the late 1930s. In 1993, the modern era emerged with a handful of breweries opening across the city. However, Marble Brewery's 2008 opening revived Albuquerque's dormant craft beer scene. Since its opening, the city has welcomed dozens of breweries, brewpubs and taprooms. Writer Chris Jackson recounts the hoppy history of brewing in the Duke City.

Welcome Back Scifi/Fantasy Legend Melinda Snodgrass

Local scifi/fantasy powerhouse Melinda Snodgrass will be joining us to discuss her new book,  In Evil Times (Imperials Saga, Book 2) , on  Saturday, July 15th at 4:00pm .

Thracius "Tracy" Belmanor and the Infanta Mercedes de Arango have graduated from The High Ground and have become officers in the Orden de la Estrella. Tracy's posting aboard a battleship leads him to further doubt the intentions of the Solar League, as he and his comrades are required to "assimilate" the settlers of a Hidden World. Meanwhile, Mercedes' own posting-and her difficult marriage to Beauregard "Boho" Cullen, made to assure her succession of the throne-divides her loyalties. In a society where most humans and all aliens are second-class citizens, the two young officers will have difficult choices to make...

Discover Francine Mathews's Latest Mystery

Author Francine Mathews will be joining us to discuss her new book,  Death on Nantucket , on  Sunday, July 16th at 3:00pm .

Spencer Murphy is a national treasure. A famous Vietnam War correspondent who escaped captivity in Southeast Asia, he made a fortune off of his books and television appearances. But Spence is growing forgetful with age; he's started to wander and even fails to come home one night. When a body is discovered at Step Above, the sprawling Murphy house near Steps Beach, Nantucket police detective Meredith Folger is called in to investigate.

Debut Publication from Rising Star Lorena Hughes

Local author (and former Page One bookseller!!) Lorena Hughes will be joining us to discuss her debut publication,  Sisters of Alameda Street , on  Saturday, July 22nd at 4:00pm.

In this generational saga that mixes historical fiction with the romance and intrigue of a Latin soap opera.

When Malena Sevilla's tidy, carefully planned world collapses following her father's mysterious suicide, she finds a letter-signed with an "A"-which reveals that her mother is very much alive and living in San Isidro, a quaint town tucked in the Andes Mountains. Intent on meeting her, Malena arrives at Alameda Street and meets four sisters who couldn't be more different from one another, but who share one thing in common: all of their names begin with an A.
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