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It seems the cold weather is finally making an appearance.  Of course, it could be 75¬™ tomorrow.

Anyway, most of us try to eat healthy these days, but it's so difficult because nobody seems to agree on what is healthy.  That's what this month's To You Health is about.  I wasn't thinking about current politics when I chose the cartoon, but it's eerily apropos.  And quality: a thing of the past?  No!  It's alive and well, as this month's article tells you.

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   Change of plans!
I think I'm going to do just podcasts, at least for a while . I've got several great guests in the can already - like the father of UUGS, the founder of Make a Wish, and the creator of the jogbra, for instance - and I'm going to do a relaunch, within a few months.  You're gonna love it!

Meanwhile, there's still the ones on Podbean. To find me on iTunes, just search for In Other Words...    
Writing Tip Tip

E.g. vs i.e.   They are similar, but not the same.  E.g. is short for the Latin words exempli gratia, which literally mean for exampleA sonnet, e.g., Shakespeare's "Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day," has three quatrains
I.e. is short for two more Latin words: id est, which literally mean that is.  You use it when what you mean is that is to say or - I'm not making this up - in other words.  For instance, I hate this sport, i.e., I've got to find another way to work out.     
Because all the letters involved are an abbreviation of a word, each must always be followed by a period.  The pair of letters must then be followed by a comma.  Capitalization just follows normal sentence capitalization, i.e., you capitalize them only if one starts a sentence.

     Remember Quality?

I know a lot of people complain that nothing is built to last anymore.  I know sometimes that's true, but I really don't think planned obsolescence is a common as many make it out to be.

Just a couple months ago, I threw out a flannel shirt from Land's End.  My sister handed it down to me and I wore it regularly for thirty years.  Finally one - only one - of the elbows wore through. 

I drive a 1999 Honda CR-V with over 200,000 miles on it.  A few years ago, I asked my mechanic if I should sell it and buy my mother's 2005 Honda Fit.  He said, "Do you like this car?"  "Yeah, I love it."  "Then keep it."  Twist my arm.  And it's paid for.   

And then there are my friends' slippers.  I was getting mine at the one of the big discount stores about $12 and had to buy two to three pairs a year.  Then I remembered that my friends had had the same two pairs of slippers by their door for as long as I can remember.  So, I did my homework and bought a pair of real sheepskin slippers from LL Bean.  They cost me close to $60, but I figure they'll pay for themselves in two years.  And they are sooo much more comfortable than the cheap ones!  I mean, real sheepskin!  Like UGGS.  They even have some arch support!  And they're guaranteed for life, you know. 

This may seem a trivial subject, but the lesson is, Beware of shortcuts!  There are legitimate ones, sure, but mostly, look for quality.  It's still there.

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It's confusing!  Since our immune systems tend to take a bit of a dive in winter - assuming we ever actually get winter - I thought it would be good to give you a list of foods that help boost the immune system.  First, I looked for healthy foods in general.  Not as easy as you might think.

I looked at a bunch of different lists.  They're all different.  One has apples at the top of the list, they're not even on the next list.  White potatoes?  Yes?  No?  That's a controversial point these days. 

Here's what they all had in common: broccoli, leafy greens, avocados, oily fish, and some variety of nuts and of legumes.  They all have fruit as well, and usually citrus.  Not a bad place to start.  And notice there are no grains on any list.  Well, one said oatmeal.

As far as what you definitely should not eat, everything on the lists I saw was processed.  White sugar, white flour, margarine, frozen dinners (except health food lines), deep fried anything,...

One more thing.  As bad as butter can be for you, it's better than margarine, just like sugar is better for you than artificial sweetener.  You don't want to eat substitute foods.  Your body doesn't like white sugar and too much butter, but at least it knows how to process them.  The artificial stuff, it can't process, so they just sit there in your intestines. 

But fruit!  Avocados!  That's good, right?  And ion this season, try a lot of winter squash.  Go to a farmer's market.  You'll be surprised at how many different varieties there are.

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  Theodore Roosevelt

Just for Fun
Mashup movie titles!  What's the name of the mashup movie? 
1) Woody, Mr. Potato Head,
    and the rest of the gang
    move to a tough part of
    town and adapt to
2) Jane Austen's classic
    tale of two sisters
    seeking love and seeing
    dead people.
3) Two jazz musicians
    dress up in drag to avoid
    a group of reunited high
    school buddies who
    travel through time to get
4) A lion cub born to a royal
    family grows up, climbs
    the Empire State
    Building, and battles
5) A group of savvy con
    men plan the perfect
    heist in Vegas, but are
    kidnapped and sold into
    slavery before they can
    do it.
6) Bill Murray has to live the
    same day over and over,
    until he can survive the
    zombie apocalypse by
    escaping to an island.

Answers to Sept/Oct:
1) Okay, this might not have been a great choice for a puzzle because I'd have to show you about 33 different images to show you have to find them all.  But I swear there are 40 squares.  You do have to think somewhat creatively for some of them.

In Good Taste
This is the season for slow-cookers! Throw everything into the pot, turn it on, and dinner's ready when you get home. It's great for stews and soups.  Here's a beans-and-sausage version, but you can substitute any ingredients you want.
Slow-Cooker White Bean and Kielbasa Stews 
Ingredients :
   1 lb. dried white beans  
   14 oz. kielbasa
   4 C chicken broth
   1 14.5 oz can diced
    1 large onion
    6 cloves garlic
    1 tsp dried rosemary
    5 oz. baby spinach (6 C)
    heart bread, for serving 

Directions :  
1) Halve kielbasa lengthwise, slice into 1/2" pieces
2) Place all ingredients except spinach and bread into slow-cooker; cover and cook 7-8 hours
3) Just before serving, stir in spinach.  Serve with bread.

Where did that come from?


Beside the Point  We all know that refers to something - like a statement - that refers to something that isn't really what the conversation is about.  It's an archery reference. If you are beside the point, you are not entirely on target. With the arrow or the comment.


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