For the first time in our 6 years of business, we encountered some pretty serious tech challenges this month. The kind that forces you to move at the speed of a snail. They force you to be innovative, because for 24 hours your access to technology is extremely limited. You're forced to pick up the phone.
After going through the various phases of tech withdrawal (denial, frustration and loss of appetite), we resurfaced...kinda inspired. Here's why:

1. We were forced to be reactive (now proactive). We did an internal refresher and updated our clients about changes in website security.

2. We tackled off-line tasks.
Some that are always last priority, but are actually quite therapeutic and important.

3. We talked. About some of the latest risks and vulnerabilities related to social media, single source sign on and open authorization. Oh, how the times have changed.

We're incredibly grateful for our friends at Promotional Science who have all the answers related to IT and we now, more than ever, have much love for the landline.

Genuinely Inspired,

- Ashley Small

Making Our Rounds:
READ Aloud Month on KPRC 2 and FOX 26 
March was National Read Aloud Month, which focused on increasing literacy by reading aloud for 15 minutes a day, every day.

Melissa Williams of iWRITE made her rounds, appearing on FOX 26 and KPRC 2 to share about the different ways to get involved, as well as the importance of reading and writing. Throughout the month, the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation and over 15 Houston-area literacy organizations have united to increase the awareness and importance of reading aloud to children for at least 15 minutes each day to help them learn, grow and succeed.


Click here and here to watch the segments. 

How to Be the Entrepreneur Reporters Call First

Anytime a reporter calls on you for your expert opinion, it's a fantastic opportunity to get some free publicity for yourself or your business. However, being a great interview subject is a skill, and knowing the proper way to be interviewed can make the difference between seizing your time in the limelight or ending up on the cutting room floor. Here are some tips for getting the most screen time as possible:
  • Adjust to how the finished product will be used.
    Before you start, ask the reporter if your interview is going to be aired in its entirety, or whether they will just be cherry picking the best bites.

  • Speak in sound bites. Today's average television news story is only 90 seconds or less! That means you need to keep your sound bites short and sweet if you want them to make the final cut.

  • Ask if the reporter got what they needed. Your reporter is probably thinking about how the story will shape up even before your interview starts, and knows the kind of sound bites they need to make the piece come together.

Click here to see the entire list courtesy of Entrepreneur.



Shop for a Cause at Kendra Scott!

The 45th Annual Bayou City Art Festival


Standing with At-Risk Youth

The mission of Houston:reVision is to leverage the power of kinship community by connecting kids on the edge with mentors, positive peers and life-changing resources. reVision works to reintegrate gang-affected and adjudicated youth throughout Harris County into their neighborhoods, their schools, and their families.

Houston:reVision was created in 2012 through a groundbreaking partnership between St. Luke's United Methodist Church, St. Martin's Episcopal Church, and the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department. reVision uses a multidisciplinary, individualized, research-based model built around institutional partnerships.

Learn more about Houston:reVision at