The Community Action Partnership is pleased to announce its renewal as the leader of the Learning Communities Resource Center. Providing high quality training and technical assistance to the CSBG Network is a core strategy of the Partnership. 

The Learning Community will serve as a learning hub for the CSBG Network to support agencies in the identification, adaptation, and implementation of innovative and evidence-informed family/individual-level services and community-level strategies. The ultimate goal is to support agencies in maximizing anti-poverty outcomes based on CSBG National
Performance Indicators.
W hat to Expect From The Learning Community 

The Learning Community will provide the entire Community Action Network with a variety of learning opportunities such as:

Webinar Wednesdays:  Expert-led national webinar presentations on promising practices, research from the field, and evidence-based strategies.

Resources: Through the brand new Community Action Academy (Moodle) and the Partnership's various online platforms, Learning Community members will have access to a wealth of evidence-based resources, on-demand videos, publications, self-paced activities/assignments, online peer engagement and MORE!

Seven Learning Community Groups (LCGs): New LCGs focused on key anti-poverty topic areas.  The next round of Learning Community Groups will include:

Open LCGs
  • Health Intersections
  • Decreasing Family Homelessness
  • Results at the Community Level
  • Cultivating Data Centered Organizations
Intensive LCGs
  • Integrated Services to Improve Impact
  • Financial Empowerment for Families
  • Whole Family Approaches for Economic Mobility from Poverty 1.0
Two Communities of Practice:    Agencies at advanced levels of implementation of two-generation approaches or integrated/bundled services will have additional access to intensive and customized coaching, technical support from subject matter experts, and support to integrate parent and child data across programs

Communities of Practice
  • NEW--Whole Family Approaches for Economic Mobility from Poverty 2.0 (Supported by the Annie E. Casey Foundation)
  • Continuing--Rural Integration Model for Parents and Children to Thrive (IMPACT)
Learning Community Kick-Off Webinar
Join the Partnership on  December 7th at 2 pm EST  to learn more about how to become a member of the Learning Community. 
December 7, 2017
2pm ET/1pm CT/
12pm MT/11am PT

  • What does the application process entail?
  • What is expected of Learning Community members?
  • What is the Learning Community Process?
  • What are the benefits of membership?
If you have any questions or concerns, 
please send them to  the LCRC team .

Thank You!