We received great member feedback from our Spring Conference, so as we gear up for Nashville, the Conference Planning Committee is seeking interested parties to assist us in presenting a panel on the subject of Remote Genset Monitoring.

The Committee has identified several member companies that are willing to provide expertise and presenters, but we are seeking a few more.

Here is the overarching theme for the EGSA Member panel presentation:

Remote Monitoring for the Generator Industry
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a major driving force in all industries. Our industry is no different and it is changing the way that service is provided.
Generator maintenance companies who embrace technology and incorporate remote monitoring solutions into their service operations have instant access to the status of each of their customers' generators. Service teams and generator owners can all be notified of an issue simultaneously, taking out the guess work and providing a higher level of service response to generator owners.

The primary purpose of generator monitoring is to improve system reliability and to help ensure that the generator system will work when needed. The resulting benefit is that everyone wins...the generator owner, the service company and the generator brand.

Technology is dramatically changing how we provide service and how we meet (and exceed) the 21st century expectations of our customers.

A few questions for your consideration...

1. Are you interested in sitting on this panel of EGSA members that will present in Nashville on Tuesday, September 25th of the upcoming Fall Conference?

2. Would you like to participate on the working group that will develop this effort? Even if you aren't interested in being onstage, we can still use the help developing the questions and presentation, having a voice in our activities.

3. Do you have a question or questions that should be addressed by our panel of experts? We'd like to hear from you as soon as possible!

Please email your level of interest and/or panel questions to Kim Giles at  k.giles@egsa.org by April 25th with the subject line Remote Monitoring Panel! These questions will be combined and provided to the Committee leadership for consideration. A kick-off conference call for the working group will take place that same week (April 27th at 11:30 am EST).

Please assist the Conference Planning Committee as we develop this EGSA Member presentation for the Fall. We will be recording the presentation and providing as a resource for our members via the EGSA YouTube Channel.


Marty Morrill

EGSA Conference Planning Committee Chair
Electrical Generating Systems Association

P.S: Make sure you are subscribed to our EGSA YouTube channel if you aren't already!

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