Michael Juech, District Administrator
As we continue to develop our work and student learning, we have adopted the motto, " GROWING, LEARNING, SUCCEEDING" . Over the summer and during the past year, this slogan has taken on additional meaning.

As you can see by the chart below, this summer our student population increased by more than 60 new students, and we continue to grow! The growth is visible throughout the community and seems to only be gaining momentum.

We are excited to welcome the new challenges that come with the growth in our student population. We are working with the Village of Bristol to understand future growth and development plans.

Another exciting part of an expanded student population is the ability to offer additional opportunities that will help our students be future ready and gain a variety of experiences. We look forward to continuing our work to provide an outstanding education to our entire learning community.
Jeff Terry, Principal
During the course of this school year, students will be trained in ALICE protocols, the first option-based program in the country to prepare for active shooter events.

Officer Greg Crane from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area developed the ALICE program based on his knowledge that people become sitting ducks when the only option is a lock down.

In August of 2016, Mr. Terry attended an intensive two-day ALICE training session, through which he became a Certified ALICE Trainer, enabling him to teach the program in a school setting. All teachers and support staff learned the program protocols during an in-service training.

Mr. Terry and the teachers will now begin to introduce the ALICE protocols to students through lessons and drills tailored to each grade level. Training will not include active shooting scenarios. Additional information will be provided prior to the start of the student lessons and drills.
Sarah Lindh, AP: Teaching & Learning
It is hard to believe that October is here already! It has been a great start to the school year.  

This year, we are encouraging our staff to take risks and try new things that we believe will help students and staff to grow, learn and succeed. 

During Professional Learning time, staff will be stepping out of their comfort zones through team building activities on #WorkingTogetherWednesday and will be furthering their own learning through a staff book study. 
Sarah Lindh, AP: Teaching & Learning
A move to trimesters is something new that our kindergarten team will be piloting this school year.

We believe that this move has multiple benefits and, most importantly, that it will provide our kindergarten teachers with the greatest amount of time teaching, instructing, and building relationships with our students. 

´╗┐We are excited to pilot trimesters and look forward to reflecting upon the process to determine if this is something that would be fitting for additional grade levels in the future.