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May 2016
Local students think like historians

Second graders at Fox Creek Elementary completed a learning expedition at the Highlands Ranch Mansion. Their project titled Think Like a Historian gave them an in depth look into the history of Highlands Ranch. During the process they each drew a picture of the Mansion and created a self-guided tour of the home from a kid's perspective.

Volunteer spotlight: Carter Rini
Carter Rini is one of the Fox Creek students who participated in a learning expedition at the Mansion. Carter loved working at the Mansion and wishes his time there was not over. However, he admits it was a challenging project, "It was hard sometimes like when we had to do our technical drawings of the Mansion, or when we had to decide as a group what information we should put in our tour of the Mansion."

Carter is very proud of the work they did and says kids who visit the home will now be able to use their self-guided tour and not just stand around while their parents enjoy the home.

Carter's favorite room at the Mansion is the Solarium. "I like the details in that room and especially the terrazzo floor. I also like the turret because it makes the Mansion into a very pretty place. It was built by the second owner of the Mansion."

The young man learned much about the history of the Mansion and when asked if he would like to be a historian when he grows up, he said he is thinking about it. "But I mostly want to study monkeys," he added.
Work continues around the Mansion

This spring the Metro District was able to accomplish some much needed updates around the
Mansion. The roof was replaced in less than two weeks with minimal impact on day to day operations of the property.

And just recently Mother Nature finally cooperated and new courtyard pavers were installed. The new pavers are located in the courtyard and driveway on the east side of the Mansion in front of the bowling alley. Next up is the installation of similar pavers in Marian's Garden.

Visitors should be careful around the trucks and heavy equipment at the Mansion as work progresses on Marian's Garden.
The Mansion is full of history

John W. Springer, the second owner of the Highlands Ranch Mansion, ran for mayor of Denver in 1904. He lost the election to Robert W. Speer, later known as Denver's "City Beautiful" mayor. 

To learn more about the history of the Mansion, visit www.highlandsranchmansion.com.

Rent the Mansion for your private event

Located in central Highlands Ranch, the Mansion is open to the public for community and private events, business meetings, tours and cultural programs. This elegant western estate is the perfect place to host weddings, receptions, reunions, anniversaries and other life celebrations, business meetings and retreats.

Historic tours and open hours
Guided tours of the Mansion include a 35-minute tour of the first floor or a tour of the first and second floors, lasting approximately one hour.

Self-guided tours are also welcome. Visitors can follow the tour boards in each room to learn more about the history of the home.

Group tours
can be arranged for groups of 10 or more and for youth and student groups.

Contact the Mansion staff at 303-791-0177 or info@highlandsranchmansion.com for information about renting the Mansion for your special occasion or setting up a group tour.
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