Repair Cafe Coming Your Way
CVSWMD and Onion River Exchange Partner to Provide Repair Cafes
As a brand-new Eco AmeriCorps service member at the Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District, my first task is to start organizing Repair Cafes ... I wasn’t familiar with the concept of a Repair Café, so I did some research. What I found was not only exciting, but impressive in its scope and mission.

Repair Cafés are community gatherings where people bring broken items to be repaired for free. CVSWMD and Onion River Exchange will be partnering to bring the first Repair Cafe in Vermont to our region. Read more .. .
Words from a Fixer
I’ve always been that person who saw broken and rejected items as orphans who just needed a little love. Of course, my parents weren’t very fond of my “orphans.” First it was a broken Mickey Mouse record player (it might decide work one day!), then an old portable a.m. radio, followed by piles of stuffed animals whose eyes had popped off or arm got torn off by the neighbor’s dog, and, then, many more years of collected gems. ...

Now, I’m a self-proclaimed DIY fixer. I do sewing repairs on garments that still have life left in them; I fix rusted and dull tools by sharpening and adding a little oil; I repair books passed down from Gramma to Mom to sis. 

Are you a fixer too? Read more ...
Fixers, Tinkerers, Repairpersons, We Want You ... to share your knowledge at a Repair Cafe
Do you like to tinker around with tools? Do you have a repair skill? Do you want to help others in your community? If you answered yes, then  we could use your help!  The Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District (CVSWMD), in collaboration with the Onion River Exchange (ORE), is hosting Vermont’s first ever community Repair Café on January 20, 2018. Read on for the details ...
ORE & CVSWMD Announce Partnership
What if your beloved broken items could be fixed, for free? The Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District (CVSWMD) and Onion River Exchange (ORE) are partnering to host Vermont’s first community Repair Café. This free event will take place Saturday, January 20 th , 2018 (storm date is Saturday, January 27 th , 2018) at First Church in Barre.
“I am so excited to work with CVSWMD to set up Repair Cafés to provide a place where, together, we can learn skills and fix things so that we can reuse instead of throwing away,” said Eric Bachman, Board Member of ORE. 
 Repair Cafés are free community meeting places where people repair things together. At the event, you’ll find “fixperts,” tools, and materials to help make repairs as needed. Participants can bring broken household items, bikes, clothes, etc., and have them fixed for free, while gleaning resources for future repair projects. If you don’t have anything that needs fixing but are still interested in the event, come hang out, have a coffee, and learn how Repair Cafés promote reuse and recycling in your community.
If you have a repair skill or like to tinker with tools, join us at the first Repair Café .
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