The Rev. Ledlie I. Laughlin
Rector , St. Columba's
Episcopal Church
Washington, DC
Dear People of St. Columba's,
Taking the symbolism of the season a bit too far, the light system in the church died in Holy Week - we are having to turn the lights on and off with the breaker switch. We need to replace the master dimmer panel, installed in 1982, with a new one. Seizing the opportunity, the vestry decided that we're also going to fix the crumbling plaster in the church - and we're going to do it now, this summer. The bids are in, and the contractors are ready to start. All we need is $125,000. That's where you come in. The good news is we've already received early gifts exceeding $40,000.  Please send your special contribution to the parish office, noting "2017 Nave Repair" on your check.  If you prefer to pay online via  our member portal , select "2017 Nave Repair" from the list of available funds.
Let's be clear about the scope of the project:
  • We will replace the master dimmer panel for the lights. This replacement can be adapted and will serve us well into the future.
  • We will patch the plaster in the most visibly unattractive areas - above the baptismal font on the left-hand arch when you're facing the altar; on the back walls of the chapel (behind the altar); and the back right corner above the door from the church to the Common.
  • We will match the plaster and paint the best we can; it will not be perfect.
  • This plaster job will last for several years until we do a comprehensive renovation of the church including window frames, lighting, plaster, painting, and tile flooring.*
  • Any contributions received that exceed the cost of repairs will be applied either toward other capital improvements or toward future development needs.
Just like the four minute mile, for far too many years, we've looked at the crumbling plaster and said 'it can't be done.' Yes, it can! With your generous gift today. We're getting the work done in August so don't delay. Thank you.
Ledlie I. Laughlin,                 Elizabeth Taylor,
Rector                                 Senior Warden
*Why not do the comprehensive renovation now? Because 1) this renovation will cost $1.5 - $2 million, requiring a major capital campaign; and 2) many parishioners are making final payments this year on our previous campaign. Plans are not set in stone, but the vestry is anticipating a future capital campaign that will
a) advance our mission and ministries, b) make capital improvements, including interior renovation of the nave, and c) launch in 2019 to conclude in 2024, coinciding with our 150
th Anniversary. 

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