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Girls in Nigeria: Back of the Class

Despite being an economic giant in Africa, Nigeria is home to over 10.5 million children who are out-of-school; the majority of these are girls. 

Girls in Nigeria: Back of the Class is our multi-media report on 15-year old twin sisters, Taiwo and Kehinde, forced to drop out of school to support their family. The headmaster of the local secondary school turned them away because they had no money for tuition; now they grind and sell peppers 12 hours a day. 

Taiwo and Kehinde shared their story and their dreams with us so we could bring them to you via the short video below and our full report on PRI's Across Women's Lives.


We talk more about our experiences reporting out this story in this interview.

Thanks for reading, and please email us if you have questions... or if there's more you want to see reported on this issue. 


Ema Edosio and Ijeoma Ndukwe 

Ijeoma Ndukwe and Ema Edioso are contributors to the Fuller Project for International Reporting. This report was supported by The Malala Fund, published by PRI's Across Women's Lives and by Ventures Africa, and executive produced by Uzo Iweala and Xanthe Scharff.
Ema Edosio (left) and Ijeoma Ndukwe (right) directing and reporting in Nigeria