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Research Could Lead To Treatment of Drug-Resistant Diseases

Daniel Kadouri
RSDM and NJMS researchers Daniel Kadouri and Nancy Connell have found evidence that predatory bacteria can kill pneumonia in a rat animal model. The findings were published last month in mBio, the journal of the American Society for Microbiology, which hailed the discovery as a scientific first. The research shows that predatory bacteria, which are lethal to microorganisms that cause disease, might have therapeutic uses that could help fight the rise of multi-drug resistant bacterial infections.  LEARN MORE
Acting Out 
A second-year student watches a patient simulation session
Role Play Helps Students Build Communication Skills 

What's the best way to respond to a patient who refuses antibiotics? Or one who uses an interpreter? Or a domestic violence victim seeking treatment while her abuser is in the room? Second-year students figured it out during patient simulation sessions, where they role-play scenarios with professional actors.  LEARN MORE  

PMS College of Dental Science and Research in Kerla, India
Trading Places
RSDM to Introduce Exchange Program with Dental School in India

A new exchange program between RSDM and a dental school in India will help students from both institutions learn from each other. LEARN MORE

Dr. Mike Mouravieff
DMD Explores History Through Vintage Dental Gear

Mike Mouravieff, Class of '86, has a vast trove of dental antiques, from an S.S.White dental chair circa 1897 to a century-old bottle of Listerine. A lifelong history buff, Mouravieff says the antiques are his window into the history of science and medicine. LEARN MORE
Dr. Larry Dobrin
Revolutionary Speaker
Forensic Dentist Alum Speaks at RSDM

Dr. Larry Dobrin,  a forensic dentist who has worked to identify victims of the World Trade Center attacks and Hurricane Katrina, was the guest speaker last month at a university-wide celebration of Rutgers 250th anniversary.
His talk was part of A Day of Revolutionary Thinking, when notable RU alumni were invited to share their knowledge with the university community. Dobrin, Class of '75, gave his presentation on November 10, RU's actual birth date, which happened to coincide with RSDM's Dental Implant Seminar. Learn more about Dobrin and his career here.

From left, Dr. Roger Johansen, students Peter Henein, Daniel Babadzhanov, Sheng Gee, and Murphy Seig. 
Giving and Receiving
Donors and Scholars Honored

Scholarship donors and the scholars they help had a chance to connect at the Scholarship Awards Reception last month. Sixty-nine students received scholarships and met the donors who made them possible. The ceremony was sponsored by the RSDM Alumni Association.