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February 2017

Fate of the New Common Rule Still Uncertain 
By now, you may have heard about the approval of the New Common Rule (Final Rule), a revision of the Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects, which was issued January 19, 2017.
Due to the change in presidential administration, this as well as other proposed federal regulations are on hold for 60 days pending review from a designee appointed by the president. It is possible that upon review there will be cause to reopen the regulation for further changes. 
If you need help with research involving human subjects, contact IRB Coordinators Danae Montgomery or Donna Simonovitch.

If you need help with research involving animal subjects, contact IACUC Coordinator Dana Mulvaney.

Forms Bulletin
We have revised the IRB Continuing Review Form in IRBNet. We have clarified the question regarding participant enrollment. Please inquire if you have questions on the reporting of your subject numbers.

The IACUC Forms webpage is currently Under Construction while we redesign the layout and update the forms. The new IACUC Application Form is a comprehensive application, which includes all of the appendices removing the need for separate submissions of each appendix form. Requests for the most recent forms contact Dana Mulvaney .

Training Workshops
We realize that the IRB and IACUC processes can be overwhelming.  Take advantage of our workshops to learn about these important committees and their charge to oversee the ethical conduct of research.

Click the blue calendar to register for IRB Overview Workshops. Learn how to navigate through IRBNet, training and signature requirements as well as an overview of the documents needed for submission.

Click the orange calendar to register for IACUC Training Workshops. IACUC workshops are MANDATORY for those working with animals in research.

Learn more about the ethical and humane use of animals in research as well as receive an introduction of laboratory animal science or for the mandatory hands-on training workshop required for those working with rodents in their research. 

Scientific Integrity
Responsibility of scientific integrity is a shared responsibility of those involved in the research community. There are many important players providing key roles in the results of research. The Office of Research Integrity at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has developed a series of infographics to assist in educating the community on the topics associated with the responsible conduct of, and the integrity of research.
Check out this info graphic called The Research Community Safeguards. See other infographics on the Office of Research Integrity (ORI)'s website.

Check Out The Beacon Online
The archived editions of The Beacon can be found online here . Please share with colleagues or use as references to our tips and hints!