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March 2017

For a bit of luck, submit your protocol 4-6 weeks before your intended start date!
Sample Size and Over-enrollment
IRB protocol applications can be a daunting process for some. In this segment, we will review question #6 on the form regarding the number of participants that will be enrolled in the study.
To answer this question, you need to run a statistical analysis to determine how many respondents will yield a significant response. If you are a student, your academic advisor can help you run this analysis. Factors such as population size and the type of study will also influence your "N." For a quick overview of how to determine sample size, see this guidance document from QualtricsREAD MORE
IACUC Updates
The new IACUC protocol application forms are here. Please use the new forms going forward and let us know if you have any questions or need assistance. If you have trouble accessing the forms, click to view the instructions or contact to receive them by email.
Attention researchers!
An all hands meeting will be held Friday, April 7th to update researchers on new forms, new policies, and other advances to the animal care use program. 

Spring Semi-Annual Inspections are coming up in mid-April ... read more
Understanding your IRB Approval Letter
Congratulations, your study was approved! Your approval letter contains important information, such as:
  1. Your project's expiration date
  2. The maximum number of participants you have been approved to recruit
  3. Notes regarding project conditions such as use of appropriate stamped documents, communicating any revisions you need to make to your study by way of a Protocol Amendment form
  4. The name of the IRB staff person who worked on your study to contact directly in case of questions
Click on the sample approval letter below for an annotated version to keep for your records and instruct new students/lab personnel.

Data Use Agreement Guidance
Collaborations between researchers is ever increasing. FAU encourages the exchange of valuable research data between our researchers and those from other universities. Data Use Agreements (DUA) must be in place to ensure the appropriate use of data, including safeguards, publication restrictions and privacy rights. When FAU researchers are transferring their data to another institution, she or he is required to initiate the development of a DUA. See the DUA Guidance for more information.
SBIR/STTR Guidance
FAU researchers considering a proposal with a small business concern (SBC) and applying to a SBIR/STTR program should be aware of the process and requirements involved. Those who have a personal interest in the SBC should file a significant financial interest disclosure. See the SBIR/STTR Guidance for contacts and other information including the differences between SBIR/STTR.
CITI Program
The CITI Program website has been redesigned as CITI Program was bought over by The Biomedical Research Alliance of New York (BRANY). When arriving on the homepage, you now need to click on the blue "Log In" button at the upper right hand side. This will prompt you to the page to enter your credentials. Visit to view the new layout.

CITI now issues Completion Certificates, which do not include quiz scores. Researchers will now have the option to attach either the new Completion Certificate or the prior version of their Completion Report along with their IRB submissions. To access the reports, click "Share" in the Completion Report column to select between the report and the certificate. 
  If you need assistance determining which CITI course(s) you are required to complete, use the ACT app located on our website.
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