The Impact of Immigrant Labor on American Jobs

Immigration is a highly charged and polarizing topic in the U.S. — and worldwide. Research from the Migration Research Cluster at UC Davis, directed by economist Giovanni Peri, is upending long-held beliefs about the economic contributions of immigrants and revealing the true impact when immigration policies get it wrong.

Research Highlights
Psychedelic Drugs Hold Potential for Possible Treatments for Depression and PTSD
A team of scientists at UC Davis is exploring how hallucinogenic drugs impact the structure and function of neurons — research that could lead to new treatments for depression, anxiety and related disorders.

Millions in Federal Grants for Community College Students Left on the Table
Millions of dollars in federal aid are left unclaimed by California community college students, according to a research brief released by the Wheelhouse Center for Community College Leadership and Research at UC Davis.

The Search for Safer Opioids
A new addiction research program launched at the Center for Neuroscience is working on solutions to mitigate addiction and tolerance by designing an opioid therapy that mimics the body’s natural pain reliever, endorphin.

Automakers and Policymakers May Be on a Different Path to Electric Vehicles Than Consumers
Research at the Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Research Center indicates few car-owning households are aware of a transition to plug-in electric vehicles and far fewer are actively engaged.

Some Calories Are More Harmful Than Others
While calories from any food have the potential to increase the risk of obesity and other cardiometabolic diseases, 22 nutrition researchers agree that sugar-sweetened beverages play a unique role in chronic health problems.
Unprecedented Weather in 2017 Hurts Clarity Level in Lake Tahoe
Historic drought followed by record-breaking precipitation and warm lake temperatures converged to produce the lowest annual average clarity levels recorded at Lake Tahoe in 2017, according to data released by the Tahoe Environmental Research Center at UC Davis.

Innovation News
New Technology Developed To Measure Brain Blood Flow Using Light
Biomedical engineers at UC Davis have developed a new technique for measuring blood flow in the human brain, which could be used in patients with stroke or traumatic brain injury. The new technique, based on conventional digital camera technology, could be significantly cheaper and more robust than prior methods. 

Low-Cost Solution Developed To Prevent Food Spoilage
The DryCard™, developed by the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Horticulture, is an easy-to-use and inexpensive solution that helps prevent food spoilage by indicating if food is dry enough to prevent mold growth during storage. Mold growth on dried foods is a pervasive problem in developing countries, leading to food waste and foods that are unsafe for consumption.

New Microscope Technology Using Ultraviolet Light Reduces Time and Cost of Diagnosis
Microscopy with Ultraviolet Surface Excitation, or MUSE, provides high-resolution images of biological tissue specimens without first requiring the time-consuming preparation of thin sections mounted on glass slides. MUSE has the potential to transform the practice of pathology, especially in low-resource settings, and to have a major global impact in health care by reducing the cost and time to deliver definitive diagnostic results.

Mayor Steinberg, Chancellor May, Assemblyman McCarty Announce Plans for Aggie Square Site and Form Planning Group
Aggie Square will serve as a collaborative technology and innovation campus that leverages the university’s strengths to become the catalyst for economic change, creates jobs, and helps spur economic vitality of the surrounding neighborhoods and the broader Sacramento region.

Researcher Spotlight
UC Davis Engineering Postdoctoral Fellow Is Creating New Possibilities for an Old Material
A love of physics led Hilal Cansizoglu from Turkey to the United States. Her work adding nanostructures to silicon could be a game-changer for data centers.  
Featured Events
Innovation Within Changing Political and Research Environments
The 2018 International Research Conference combines plenary sessions, small breakout sessions, "TED-style" talks and discussions with funding agencies, industry and community organizations.
September 17-18

Meeting of the Minds: Urban Sustainability Solutions
The 12th Meeting of the Minds Annual Summit convenes in Sacramento, California with the purpose of spotlighting tools and best practices for emerging and tested urban sustainability solutions.
November 27-29
Honors and Awards
UC Davis Climbs in International Rankings to the #47 Spot According to the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings for 2018

UC Davis Ranked 13th Among U.S. Public Universities in QS World University Rankings

The University of California System Recognized as the World Leader in Granted U.S. Utility Patents for 2017

Professor Susan Harrison Elected to the National Academy of Sciences

Dean Michael Lairmore of the School of Veterinary Medicine Joins NIH Council of Councils

Professor Carlito Lebrilla Receives UC Davis Academic Senate's 2018 Distinguished Research Award

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