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Resident Educator Year 2 
Newsletter - March 2017

Well, you are 2/3 of the way through the school year!  You have been experiencing many rewarding times with your students and probably a few challenging ones as well. This is all part of the process as you continue to hone your skills to become an even more a successful teacher.  Continue to seek support from your mentor and other teachers you respect. There is always much to learn and your colleagues are a great support system.
As you near the end of your second year in the Resident Educator Program, the following list is a reminder of the requirements you should be completing prior to the end of this school year:

One of the requirements of the Resident Educator Program is video-taping and reflecting upon your teaching. Teachers can watch video recordings of their lessons as a way to obtain focused feedback on their use of instructional strategies in the classroom.
Self-observation using video recordings is a valuable tool that allows a teacher to compare his or her self-expectations with actual performance in the classroom. Research indicates that video data are most beneficial when a teacher focuses on specific elements of instruction. Rather than trying to examine all aspects of a lesson at once, a teacher can purposefully observe the use of particular strategies to gain insight into which aspects still need improvement and which have the desired effect on students. After a teacher reviews video data, he or she can reflect on the recordings and generate ideas for future improvements. Source: Becoming a Reflective Teacher by Marzano
Consider the following while viewing a video of your teaching:
*      What is happening during the lesson?
*      What do you see?
*      Why did this happen?
*      How was the teaching you observed in the recording different from the plan?
Practice video-taping THIS YEAR so you will be ready for next year's RESA videotaping requirements. Feedback from this year's RESA candidates indicate that they highly recommend that you spend time practicing the video-taping component prior to completing the tasks next year.

Your school district Program Coordinator will be emailing an important form to complete verifying that you met all the Resident Educator Program eligibility requirements and completed the required processes and tools for this year. Your Program Coordinator cannot report that you have completed all the RE requirements to the Ohio Department of Education without the verification that you provide on this form. This is very  important so be on the look out for this form, complete and return it to your Program Coordinator as soon as possible.


Teacher to Teacher Communication

Feedback is essential to growth in learning-without it we might keep making the same mistakes or not know how to fix them. Teachers have the opportunity to provide purposeful feedback to students throughout learning experiences, not just as a summative evaluation. Feedback, though, doesn't only need to come from teachers; peer critiques can also present valuable insight to students in a way that a teacher's perspective might not.

If you have questions, contact Karen Creps, Resident Educator Consortium Program Coordinator,  Lisa Exner , Professional Development Consultant 
or Kim Sofo , Professional Development Consultant

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