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February 7th: They are who we thought they were, so RESIST
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February 1, 2017

Our January meeting was just a day after the New Year holiday, but we had a large turnout, new members, and a great sense of energy for resistance ... ... matching the obvious dread for what the new federal empire was going to attempt.

Now in the second week of the Mango Mussolini's time in Washington, we find that all the challenges we feared are coming at us, almost all at once.  So for the foreseeable future, our Club will focus on ongoing, practical resistance against the Republican agenda in Washington, and the corporate agenda in Sacramento and City Hall.  Each meeting will start with quick updates and specific upcoming actions (so get to the Neighborhood House on time on Tuesday!), and then we'll dive deeper into conversations with allies on specific subjects.

Now, more than ever, join us and join the neighborhood Resistance.

Tony Kelly, President  

Potrero Hill Democratic Club  


Resistance resources
Here are links to specific resistance actions and information sites, for ongoing reference.
For alerts to call legislators on national issues:
Daily Action
(The Washington Post wrote about Daily Action here.)

For local, rapid response alerts from PHDC allies (like last week's airport rallies for immigrant rights):
Bay Resistance

The Indivisible Guide, written by Capitol Hill legislative aides to share what kind of resistance works in DC:
(or watch the video.)

Compilations of links to allies on various issues:
League of Pissed Off Voters
February 7th: Climate change, and healthcare
Organizing to go on the offensive    

It can't be repeated enough that organizing works.  No one can doubt that last weekend's massive airport demonstrations blunted the impact of the attempted immigration ban.  No one can doubt that the Women's March SF and marches all over America on January 21 introduced millions of people to the value of direct action (and thank you, DemClub member Kelly Dennehy, for being an organizer of the march here!).  Fully 1/3 of our Club turned out on a rainy Sunday morning last month to vote for DemClub member Angeles Roy and her Reform Slate colleagues as delegates to the California Democratic Party, and the slate won a supermajority of the seats.

So now we turn to organizing on specific fronts.  On January 15, registered nurses across the country rallied to demand that the new administration and Congress should protect and expand millions of Americans' access to healthcare, not cut it.  Our Club has supported single-payer healthcare for many years; on Tuesday, our friends at the California Nurses Association will join us to make universal healthcare "Our First Stand."

Back in 2013, Citizens' Climate Lobby appeared before the DemClub; as a result, we became the first organization in SF to endorse its proposed federal legislation, Carbon Fee & Dividend - which, considering the current climate (so to speak) looming in Washington DC, just might have a chance in today's Congress (it's both market-based and socially just). CCL returns to the Neighborhood House on Tuesday to update us on their progress, coupled with a call to action. Speakers: Joni Eisen, Heath Massey, Brendan Rhoan.

We'll also have information on how to boycott Trump products, and a short visit from the SF Public Press, a public-interest newsroom that wants to hear from more San Franciscans about what policy issues we feel are overlooked in the press and on broadcast news.  Our chatty Club should have opinions about that.

It's another action-packed meeting.  Join us!
WHEN: Tuesday, February 7th, 7:00 pm
WHERE: Potrero Hill Neighborhood House, 953 De Haro St

Board elections, and membership for 2017
Leadership and organizing in this crazy year
2017 was the busiest year in PHDemClub history. 
And now our work is more important than ever.
Thank you all for being here with us. 

At Tuesday's meeting, we will vote for this year's Executive Committee; nominations are open until the beginning of the meeting.  The following candidates are nominated as a slate: 
Tony Kelly - President
Bob Boileau - 1st Vice President
Kelly Dennehy - 2nd Vice President
Monica Chinchilla - Secretary
Audrey Cortes - Treasurer
John O'Neill - Tech Officer
JR Eppler, Monisha Mustapha, Angeles Roy, Mikael Wagner - At Large

Candidates will speak briefly at the meeting, followed by a simple election at the end of the evening.

It's also time for almost all of you receiving this newsletter to renew your memberships for 2017.  You can do so by clicking here

Among other things, 2017 will soon see a new website for the Club, with some improvements to our overall structure.  But first, let's get to work for democracy!
See you at the Neighborhood House on Tuesday, February 7th.