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The Chair's Corner
February 24, 2017

During the Trump turmoil, many of us who did not regard ourselves as "protesters" are finding ourselves on the picket lines. Gone are the days when we fight for rights we do not have. More and more, during the Trump administration, we find ourselves fighting for rights we once had, but which we are now being denied.

Donald Trump, and his surrogate Steve Bannon, are taking away rights, not because they don't believe people should have these rights; rather, they believe that only a few are entitled to certain rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Speaking of Steve Bannon, he told CPAC this week that Donald Trump was "maniacally focused" on implementing all of his campaign promises. At least we can agree that Trump is maniacal about stripping away our constitutional rights.

Trump has no respect for our court system, particularly if the court rules in a way he disapproves. Come to think of it, Trump doesn't have any respect for the legislative branch either. With every executive order, he looks more and more like a dictator. Thank Heavens for the federal courts that keep him in check.

Donald Trump appears almost gleeful about chastising and criticizing every interest group except his own. His tweets are meant to harm and divide. He has no interest in bringing our nation together. Recently, when Donald Trump issued harsh words against people who had desecrated Jewish cemeteries, his remarks struck hollow. The visual of him preaching acceptance and respect needed a caption that read, "Do as I say, not as I do."

Following their leader, so many Republican elected officials have played hide and seek during the recent congressional recess. They have avoided town hall meetings and dodged accountability, rather than face their constituents and explain their discriminatory votes. Though some attempt to separate themselves from President Trump, they stop short of denouncing his discriminatory acts.

As Democrats, we cannot stand idly by while Trump legislates by executive order against anyone who does not look like, or make as much money as, him. His greed and conflicts of interest are blatantly obvious as he tries to ban Muslims from every country except those in which he does business. Likewise, he believes in free enterprise, unless a company makes the decision to not carry his daughter's merchandise. Then it's "unfair" practices.

So we resist in numbers too big to ignore. We reach out and join fair-minded people and groups, such as Indivisible, MoveOn.org, and Pantsuit Nation. The DCDP supports these groups by serving as an information center, a meeting site, and a connector.

Alongside our DCDP calendar, DCDP posts information on the rallies, protests and other resistance efforts conducted in Dallas County. We join these resistance efforts and demonstrate our opposition to the whittling away of democracy. And while we demonstrate, we are encouraged as we see so many familiar faces with whom we have fought prior battles and won.

So pick an issue. Pick a cause. Demonstrate your resistance to the watering down of democracy by Donald Trump and his minions. Support the Democratic Party by your resistance. Additionally, you can support the Party in any of the following ways:

Yours Democratically,
Carol Donovan, DCDP Chair

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