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Resolving the Unresolvable
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To wish, to hope, to dream of better things is a state of mind through which most people look upon every new cycle in their lives. This is especially true at the beginning of humanity's group cycle at the dawn of every New Year.

Hoping and dreaming of making things better in their lives, people make resolutions that they will live or be a certain way, that they will make changes in their lives or how they will go about doing things. Yet, whether these resolutions occur at the time of a new year or at any other time, so very many of them remain unfulfilled or unresolved.

For most people, the story is very much the same. Well-intentioned resolutions seem to fade away and become distant cobwebs in the closet of the mind. Periodically, something then happens that reminds them that what they once resolved --- remains unresolved. Why did I not follow through, we ask ourselves, when it was so evident that a change for the better was necessary?


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