How to Respond to "Call Me Next Month"


This is one phrase you hear often during your sales career. It can be a brush-off. The prospect doesn't want to talk to you, but they're too nice to be blunt so they put you off. Or, it could be a test. Some prospects set the bar high to see if you have the mental fortitude and organizational skills to make the leap and prove you're better than competitors. Some potential buyers are interested but they're too busy to see you immediately, so they say, "Call me next month."

When you hear this phrase, don't wilt with frustration. Instead, take five simple steps to increase the odds of getting a future meeting with a high value account. 

  • Send an e-mail as soon as you hang up. Thank the prospect for taking your call, pledge to follow up, and do include your contact information. You never know. They may need your product or service before you meet face-to-face, and give you a call. (Yes, this occasionally happens.) 
  • On the same day, drop a personal note in the mail with your business card. Sending a tangible touch helps differentiate you from competitors.
  • Set up to reminders in Outlook. One tickler prompts you to send a pre-meeting touch two weeks later. The other reminds you to call after a month.
  • Two weeks later, drop something in the mail. This could be a sample, a case study, or a testimonial from a happy client. Your goal is maintaining top-of-mind awareness and offering proof of your value, so the prospect is reminded why they should talk to you. 
  • Call back when the reminder pops up on your calendar. If the prospect doesn't immediately pick up the phone, continue to phone or email until you reach them. 

Buyers are busy. Some prospects are interested in you, but they can't see you immediately. This strategy helps you reach your goals to get more meetings.








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