The MRC has become aware that PERC is distributing hand-outs at their scale house entitled "This is not a solicitation". The hand-out claims to offer MRC communities the ability to delivery solid waste to the PERC facility on a short-term, temporary and no contract basis, and contains the statement "This is not a solicitation or inducement to have communities disregard the requirements of the MRC landfill agreement."
Do not be misled by the hand-out. Joining Members and haulers should continue to deliver MSW to the Crossroads Landfill, the Juniper Ridge Landfill, nearby transfer stations or other destinations as directed by the MRC - which do not include the PERC Facility at this time. Joining Members and haulers that deliver MSW to PERC as suggested by the PERC hand-out, thereby disregarding instructions from and contractual obligations to the MRC, will be exposing their municipalities to significant legal liability. Possible consequences range from monetary penalties to potential loss of their long-term agreements for MSW disposal and the attendant benefits.
The MRC recognizes that service transitions can be difficult and confusing. We are doing all we can to have the Hampden Facility ready to accept MSW as quickly as possible. Until that time, we ask you again to honor your contractual commitments by ensuring that MSW is delivered in accordance with MRC instructions. Thank you for your patience.

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