December 14, 2017
Photo: Mongabay
When it comes to restoring deforested landscapes, letting them regenerate through passive means is generally cheaper than "active" techniques like re-planting. But a new study with SER member Robin Chazdon finds it can actually also be more effective in tropical ecosystems.  ( via Mongabay)

Photo: Eaux et Rivieres de Bretagne

With thousands of proposed dams threatening Europe's few remaining free flowing rivers, France's decision to remove two large dams could signal the start of a new era on the continent - with countries focusing on reviving their rivers and on large scale dam destruction rather than construction. (via EUBusiness)

23 major food companies signed the "Cerrado Manifesto," to ensure "soy and beef supply chains do not contribute to deforestation." ...In theory, this will weaken the case for converting natural vegetation to agriculture - but if only it was that simple. (via the Conversation)

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A drone, mounted with an air gun, will be able to seed a hectare of deforested land in less than half an hour -- a job that would take four people using conventional tree-planting methods more than six sweaty days. 
( via Nikkei Asian Review)

Photo: Freshwater Land Trust
"This project shows what we do really well," said Libba Vaughan, executive director of Freshwater Land Trust. "Our ability to acquire land gives the fish a safe home, and our expertise in stream restoration makes that home bigger and cleaner." ( via
The International Standards for the Practice of Ecological Restoration is a living document. SER is looking for feedback from our partners and colleagues around the world so we can continue to refine and improve these groundbreaking standards. 
On November 30, Minister Anne Ruston, representing Prime Minister Turnbull, launched the 2nd Edition of the National Standards for the Practice of Ecological Restoration produced by the Society for Ecological Restoration Australasia.  
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New from  Restoration EcologyThe Microbiome Rewilding Hypothesis
Mills et al. propose the Microbiome Rewilding Hypothesis , which specifically outlines that restoring biodiverse habitats in urban green spaces can rewild the environmental microbiome to a state that enhances primary prevention of human disease. 
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